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Recital Video Reaches Grandmother Just in Time

Thanks to Recital Video Grandmother Gets to See Granddaughter Dance What's more fun than seeing small girls in tutus dance?  It's truly a delight, whether you know any of the dancers or not.  If one of those tiny tutu-ed miracles is your daughter or granddaughter, the pleasure is magnified a thousand-fold.  For several years now, we've had the privilege of producing the annual recital video for Sway Dance Center, but this year's recital gave us the opportunity to do something very special - something that reminded us why we do this at all.  Sway Dance Center Sway Dance Center, in North Richardson, offers Read more
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FGI Promo Event – Corporate

Corporate Event Video Fashion Group International Promotional Video of their Fashion Show.  
LeniCam Video Productions - Corporate Event Video Read more
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Jamhuri Dallas Event Video

Dallas Event Video turns your personal travel videos into exciting travelogues everyone will enjoy. LeniCam Video Productions can use their editing and mixing equipment to upgrade the enjoyment factor for your personal videos  
  LeniCam Video Productions - Dallas Event Video   Draft dated 11_6_13 Read more
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Lekha by Dallas Event Videographer

Dallas Event Videographer Captures Indian Dance Recital Dance Recitals are one of our specialties here at LeniCam.  We can produce a video of your individual performances, like this one.  Or we can organize and produce the video for an entire dance studio's recital including distribution of the videos to the dancers.
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