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No matter what, your team has a story of victory

Dallas Sports Videographer

Production Development

Whether for your banquet, video yearbook, keepsake, or promotional use, your team will benefit from an attractive video, DVD or email.

We work with a representative or committee from your team to understand the message you want to convey. We work with them to craft that into a format, with a working theme. We then meet regularly with the committee, collecting the various still photos and video clips that are taken by the group throughout the term. As the draft of the video is laid out, we suggest missing clips be taken, such as coach interviews.

We then provide several Iterations, adding narration, music, as the committee brings their ideas and suggestions.

We develop a DVD menu structure to help you find the part you want quickly

Angle correcting projector works in any kind of room
Turnkey Banquet SupportWhen the time of the banquet has arrived, we will provide Complete Banquet Services for a small extra charge.We bring a sound system, High Quality Speakers, Super High Quality Projector, Sound Mixer, and DVD player. We will provide you with a podium microphone if you like.We will set up before the banquet, and run the video and take down. We will coordinate with the banquet services in terms of their screen location.Our price for all of this is typically half the price the banquet hall would charge and the quality of sound compared to those ceiling speakers is much better speakers

Crystal Clear High Power Speakers produce a dramatic show.

LeniCam Video Productions | Dallas Sports Videographer

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