About Us

LeniCam Video Productions was formed in 2003 as a part time business and has grown to an LLC corporation with four business areas; Corporate, Weddings, Sports, and Special Events. Because of this breadth we have been in contact with people from many walks of life.

We are a small business, jointly owned by John Lenihan, and Sue Lenihan at 50% each. We have a core team, and we have extended vendors to supplement that, depending on the type of skill that we need. We have a diverse core team made of professionals of many different ethnic backgrounds and ages. Our extended team includes voice over talent of all kinds of people. Once we did a video for a company in Brazil. We had to find not just a Portuguese-speaking voice-over person, but also one who spoke the correct dialect of the Telecommunications persons to whom the video was intended.

Since Mr. Lenihan has started other businesses, and seen a number of production companies go out of business, he is pursuing a model of minimal full-time employees and cultivate a network of skilled contractors who can bring the best expertise to the client’s needs at that time. We hold training days, company picnics, and all the things that an employee company would do. The average time our ten core team members have worked together is about 8 years.

We are in this business for the long term. We have worked with some of the same clients for 10 years. We get Christmas cards from event planners and clients. We receive pictures of the children of our wedding couples as they start to have children years later. Sometimes we call a meeting with our clients to say that there may be a better or less expensive way to shoot that cooking show or humanitarian marketing event. We have been working with a group of doctors who have an annual meeting since 2013. Each year we have improved their end product, while keeping their cost the same. Because Mr. Lenihan’s background includes being a VP of Marketing, he is very keen on research and testing.

What makes us unique is that we are constantly innovating to make sure that you will have an end product better than you ever received before. We make sure that all our processes and equipment has a backup so we will not miss anything. We have redundant microphones, lights, storage, batteries, cameras, and tripods. We have ways of compensating for mistakes that speakers make, lighting problems, computer problems, and noisy environments. In fact, we duplicate the video files right after the shoot on multiple storage mechanisms every second of recorded video, before we even start to edit it.

Some of our team members:
All of our team members have between 3 and 10 years working together with our processes, equipment, and know exactly what to do. In addition, as changes may happen, each of our team members is very gracious and works well with all types of situations and people. We wear crisp, black pants shirt and shoes and always look professional, and always in the right place at the right time.

John Lenihan – Our CEO has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and has practiced Engineering for over 15 years, and has 7 patents to his name. He is consistently developing new tools and techniques and technologies to get better shots, and make it harder to make mistakes.His background of working at General Motors, Rockwell International, and Nortel, have taught him the value of planning for the unexpected, and how to set up tests, and ensure quality. Mr. Lenihan also has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Boothe School of Business with concentrations in Marketing and Operations. For about 15 years, he has been starting and growing small companies.

Sue Lenihan – Camera operator and Head of Quality Assurance. co-owner 17 years

Jonathan Pourciau – Former film producer for Accelerated Christian Education. Currently, live video director at local mega church. 11 years working projects on the LeniCam team.

Michelle Pourciau – B.S. in Hospitality Management. Live Technical video director for 10 years. She has won photography awards at the Texas State fair and Capture Dallas. She has been a photographer and project manager for LeniCam team for 6 years.

Fernal Gonzales – Electrical Engineer, He is from Colombia, Bi lingual teacher in DISD. Has been a LeniCam camera operator for 6 years. Former video editor and producer of religious television program, Mundo de Fe, where he was responsible for shooting, graphics and distribution to local stations.

Natalie Pence – Recent graduate of UNT in Film shot and edited full time for LeniCam. Helicopter News Videographer for SKY Helicopters, channel 5 NBC Motion graphic artist for City of Denton TV, DTV

Nicole Pence – Recent graduate of UNT in Film ,where she produced a promotional video for the UNT College of Arts and Sciences. Experienced site scout and project manager

John directing a 5 camera stage show.
Two of our team members dressed in wedding attire while the rest of our team practiced skills for better wedding videos.
Two team members with our custom headsets and custom tripods optimized for shooting over people’s heads during stage performances.
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