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Our passion is to create a wedding video that is uniquely “you,” reflective of your special day, with quality that will stand the test of time at a price you can afford!

We’re proud of the many testimonials we receive.  On this page you’ll see video testimonials and excerpts from emails, cards and letters for Wedding Videography Dallas.  On The Knot and The WeddingWire page you’ll see what brides, grooms and their families are saying on those wedding forums.

When couples view their own wedding DVD, they often tell us what they like.  Part of their joy is seeing things they couldn’t see in the middle of the day, but also enjoy reliving favorite moments.  They’re amazed at how much we captured, even thought we seemed “invisible” at the wedding.



This groom’s mother took the DVD and showed it to family and friends in Germany, and was prompted to send us this gracious post card.





We want you to show it to your family and friends. That is why we convert it to formats that are playable in other countries.

 David and Xiaomin Liu (English)

David and Xiaomin Liu (Mandarin Chinese)


From the Mailbox

  • From Leslye – Hey John, The video is perfect! I am very pleased with how you put it together!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  • From Mark at Granville Arts Center (venue)- Thank you so very much for sending the video of the M___ wedding! Great videos! I will certainly be referring you to our clients!  Thanks again, much appreciated!
  • From Monica (bride) – Hi John!  We got the proof in the mail yesterday and we have watched about half of it so far (I couldn’t stop crying lol, happy tears of course)…  Thank you so much for all your work, we are so excited to see the final product!
  • From Callie (bride) – Mr. Lenihan,  We love our video!!! Y’all did an amazing job and we could not be happier. Thank you again for everything!!
  • From Ying (bride) – John, I just watched the DVD you sent us and it wonderfully recorded the great memories of my wedding day! Taylor and I will watch it together again… Thank you so much! I feel lucky to get you as our videographer!
  • From Tammy (bride with Love Story Video) –   I wanted to let you know that the video made the rehearsal very special! It was a fantastic way to celebrate two lives becoming one. I appreciate the work that you did. The music was perfect too. I am so thankful that my sweet daughter is so blessed to be married to a man like Drew. Elaine and Steve were good parents and role models for Drew. I feel certain that God will bless their marriage in a very special way. Again, thank you for your contribution.
  • From Falana (bride) ...we were amazed. You captured our wedding day in a manner in which we will never be able to forget it. Again, thanks so much for capturing video on a day that is so special to us. Keep up the good work and keep bringing smiles to couples’ faces.
  • From Elaine (bride) – The video was greatly enjoyed and appreciated. Many family members who weren’t at the rehearsal dinner got to see it here at the house as well.
  • From Dennis (Father of the bride) – The video is GREAT! It was really fun watching! I told Caroline & Eric they will really enjoy it 25 years from now! The Moore’s are coming over to our house to watch it tonight. Thanks!
  • From Caroline (bride) –  Loved the video! Loved the music in the background. Very glad we decided to do this!
  • From Cathleen (bride) – Only saw the highlights and the ceremony, cried like a baby.  It’s EXACTLY what we wanted!!!  Can’t wait to see the rest-I’m sure it’s all equally glorious. So very glad you were our video guy! 
  • From Kathy (bride) – The video is beautiful and I love the case! Thank you so much for all the work you did!
  • From Sue (mother of the groom) – Well we all watched the video yesterday and everyone was SOOO impressed! They all LOVED the Highlight Video just as is, they LOVED the photo snapshots, too! They were sooooo glad I had it videotaped since most of the night was a blur to all of us. The bride and her parents were not going to have the wedding videotaped because they didn’t think it was necessary, but I insisted so THANK YOU for doing such a great job!
  • From Barb (mother of the bride) –  LeniCam was recommended to us by a good friend of mine who had used him for her daughter’s wedding and reception last year. I watched their video and was very impressed. Of all the vendors we used (start to finish) he was hands down the most impressive. He exceeded our expectations in every way, and he really did an outstanding job. Here are a few reasons why:

          1. He was very prompt and thorough when I called him requesting information about his services. I appreciated the professionalism of his contract.

         2. He had not filmed at our wedding ceremony location before so he came ahead of time in order to have everything set up and working prior to the ceremony.

         3. He used a remote camera placed overhead in the alter area in addition to his hand held to give two different vantage points.

        4. He placed a small microphone on the groom and the minister to clearly capture the vows.

       5. He interviewed the groomsmen and bridesmaids before the ceremony on an informal basis asking about the bride and groom.

       6. We did not notice him throughout the ceremony – he was “invisible” as he worked.

       7. The editing of the final video was outstanding. We particularly loved the short montage capturing the highlights which we show family and friends who could not attend the                wedding. Easier to get them to watch a 8 minute highlight than an entire lengthy start to finish production.

      8. The final product arrived not long after the wedding weekend and was packaged in a video case with a photo of them on the cover and a copy of the ceremony program on the              back. Another example of him being “First Class”….start to finish.

     9. Even though it rained the day of the wedding, John used the rainfall and incorporated it as a theme on the video. This was masterfully done and resulted in the spring rainfall              setting the stage for their new marriage. One of the shots he took was of the couple walking from the Chapel to the limo in the rain. They are walking very close together, Kelly         with her dress held up out of the puddles as her husband guides her along sheltering her under the single umbrella. It opened my eyes to the beauty of the rain which as the                   Mother of the Bride I had been somewhat disappointed in prior to seeing his take on it. I highly recommend LeniCam and feel certain that you will be very happy with John and          his video service.


LeniCam Video Productions is an award-winning videographer for Dallas weddings.

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