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Videographer recommends DJ

Good Relations: Videographer  Recommends - Wedding DJ Chris Brown The choices available to a bride for her wedding day can be overwhelming. The sky is your imagination’s only limit. The old rules no longer apply unless you want them. And then there’s the budget… Where to Economize As wedding day expenses mount up it’s understandable for a bride to look for ways to cut expenses. Many budget-busting brides decide to reduce the expense of a reception by cutting out the DJ. This can be a great money saver if you’re having a simple affair with only a few guests. However, the more guests Read more
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Cooking Videos with Classik Kitchen

Margaret (Badjan) Ellis Presents Monthly Cooking Videos at Margaret Ellis is really cooking now.  She recently kicked off a cookbook of Gambian-Inspired recipes called West African Perspective.  Now she's launched her Classik Kitchen website with monthly video recipes.  You'll want to check it out. Cooking is More Than Food For Margaret, cooking is more than a list of ingredients turned into a meal.  Cooking was the heart of her home back in Gambia, where everyone enjoyed the process of food preparation, even her father.  Though most men in Gambia spent their all free time with their friends, Margaret's dad made time for family, Read more
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Elizabeth & Michael at the Adolphus Hotel

Elizabeth and Michael’s Wedding at the Adolphus Celebrates Jewish Traditions “Elizabeth always wished for the best,” said the bride’s father, “so Michael, you are the best.”   The bride’s smile confirmed her father’s toast.   Elizabeth and Michael were married in a beautiful Jewish ceremony at the Adolphus Hotel, followed by a joyful reception. Elizabeth was a stunning bride in her drop-waist satin ball gown with crystals and beading on the bodice and pick-ups on the skirt.  Her strapless, sweetheart bodice with corset-closing complimented her curves.  A satin belt with crystal decorations accented her waist.   Her enchanting smile and pixie-ish features peeked from Read more
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Sports Videography Now for Sports Banquet Later

Video Sports Action Now for Upcoming Sports Banquets One of the best parts of any sports banquet is the highlight reels - those videos showcasing the best moments of your season.  Why else would you get all dressed up and eat banquet food?  Of course you want the opportunity to share the great moments of your season with your teammates and loved ones, one more time. Sports Videography Smartphones have changed the world.  Sports videography used to require special equipment, at the very least a consumer-grade videocamera, but nowadays all you need is a smartphone.  And those videocameras?  So much smaller and Read more
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Recital Video Reaches Grandmother Just in Time

Thanks to Recital Video Grandmother Gets to See Granddaughter Dance What's more fun than seeing small girls in tutus dance?  It's truly a delight, whether you know any of the dancers or not.  If one of those tiny tutu-ed miracles is your daughter or granddaughter, the pleasure is magnified a thousand-fold.  For several years now, we've had the privilege of producing the annual recital video for Sway Dance Center, but this year's recital gave us the opportunity to do something very special - something that reminded us why we do this at all.  Sway Dance Center Sway Dance Center, in North Richardson, offers Read more
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Claudia & Jared at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Claudia and Jared at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Bent Tree Country Club “It’s almost time,” Claudia said as she sat before a fireplace waiting for her wedding ceremony to begin.  Elsewhere in the church Jared enumerated all the things he loved about his bride.  Claudia and Jared were married at the beautiful St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in the historic Lakewood area of Dallas.  Their reception was held at elegant Bent Tree Country Club. Claudia and Jared’s wedding day was a miracle of logistics coordinated by wedding planner Colleen Harkins.  The first vendor to report for duty was hair Read more
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Dallas Videographer Available for Autumn Weddings

Don't Worry! It's Not Too Late to Book A Videographer for Autumn Weddings May and June may be the most popular dates for weddings, but every season is wedding season.  The rich warm colors of autumn create beautiful wedding days.  Perhaps you're getting married this fall and you haven't really considered whether to hire a videographer or not.  We've got good news.  It's not too late to book a Dallas Wedding Videographer.   Benefits of an Autumn Wedding Each season has its own charm, but autumn weddings benefit from a beautiful array of color:  rich warm colors like pumpkin, spice and gold; deep hues like eggplant, Read more
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Highlight Your Hero in Dallas Sports Videos

Dallas Sports Videos Use Yellow Circle to Showcase Heroes In team sports, the guy with the ball is the one everybody watches, but it takes the whole team to win. Many heroic maneuvers can be completely overlooked because someone else had the ball. In a LeniCam Sports Video a bright yellow circle can change that. Highlight Your Hero in Scholarship Films College is expensive, so many parents don't wait around to see if a scout is going to discover their superstar.  They bring their superstar to the attention of the schools their child is interested in, by sending videos to prospective schools.  Our yellow Read more
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The Spectacular Senior Follies at The Eisemann Theater

Senior Follies!  Show Girls and Show Tunes! The Spectacular Senior Follies at Richardson's Eisemann Center Who says young folks get to have all the fun? Ned Startzel and The Spectacular Senior Follies certainly don't believe it's true.  These young-at-heart senior citizens have only retired from their 9-5 jobs, not life. You can see them do their stuff this weekend at the Eisemann Theater in Richardson, TX. How It Began Ned Starzel was retired and one of his favorite things to do each day was read the newspaper.  One day he read an article about Mark Carroll, a popular pianist here in the Read more
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Contest Winner Cherishes Love Story Video

Love Story Video Goes to January Winner Back in January, just for the fun of it, we sponsored a contest in our booth at the Dallas Bridal Show.  As soon as Erica heard what the prize was, she was determined to win.  She worked hard to get Facebook "likes" from all her friends.  Now she has the Love Story Video she wanted so badly. What is a Love Story Video? How did you meet?  Where did you go on your first date?  When did he propose?  All these questions and more can be answered by a Love Story Video by LeniCam Video Productions, Read more
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