Customize Dallas Wedding Videos

Before Dallas Wedding Video You spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect gown, the perfect ring, and the perfect champagne glass.  All of these will finally get their moment in the spotlight on your wedding day. Our videography team will make sure every unique and special detail of your wedding will be captured on video for years of happy reminiscing. What’s more, you’ll be able to see everything that happened while you were getting ready: the guests arriving; the groom arranging his tie in the dressing room; the bridal party lining up at the beginning of the aisle; the mother of the bride quietly tucking a strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear; the flower girl balancing her bouquet. Customized Dallas Wedding Video
During Dallas Wedding Video We’ve filmed thousands of weddings and we’re sure of one thing: Every wedding is unique. Every couple has their own extraordinary love story to tell. Our job is to make sure your wedding fills in the little details of your story – from the light in the sanctuary to the kiss at the altar. We disappear into the background to keep your wedding in the foreground. As the ceremony slips into celebration we’re there.  We make sure it’s the Party You’ll Never Forget, because we make it the Wedding Video You’ll Always Cherish. Customized Dallas Wedding Video
After Dallas Wedding Video Recording your wedding is only one part of the job. Once we return to our studio, we back up every file onto our secure servers.  Then the “heavy lifting” of video production begins. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive post-production process.  Raw video from your wedding is finely edited and refined to create a cinematic narrative of your event. We can even “magically erase” any glitches so that your video shows only the perfect wedding you always dreamed of having. Want to add a clip of grandparents who couldn’t make your wedding? We can seamlessly integrate it into the video so that they can be part of your day, too. And when you receive your DVD proof, you’ll have another opportunity to request special additions and edits as well. Nothing is more important to us than the final, flawless cut of your wedding video, so we guarantee that in years to come, you’ll want to watch it again and again. Customized Dallas Wedding Videos

LeniCam Video Productions is an award-winning wedding videographer in the Dallas area.

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