Dallas Event Video Fossil Ridge Drill Team

 Fossil Ridge Drill Team May 2, 2014 in Dallas Event Video

Dallas Event Video


Beautifully packaged DVD or Bluray of the show from two camera angles. Includes professional quality audio. The disc also includes a Scene Selection menu to jump directly to the performance of your choosing.

In addition to the DVD, this year Dallas Event Video also offers a Bluray/DVD combo pack. This single case includes both a DVD for watching now, and a Bluray for watching when you get a Bluray Player.

When you order, you will receive an email confirmation and your credit card will be processed. However, the production of the DVDs and Blurays will not be completed until mid June. Shipping is $3.50 per order.

The price is $25 per DVD

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The price is $30 per Bluray.

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The price is $40 per Bluray/DVD combo pack.

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LeniCam Video Productions –¬†Dallas Event Video


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