Highlight Your Hero in Dallas Sports Videos

Dallas Sports Videos Use Yellow Circle to Showcase Heroes

In team sports, the guy with the ball is the one everybody watches, but it takes the whole team to win. Many heroic maneuvers can be completely overlooked because someone else had the ball. In a LeniCam Sports Video a bright yellow circle can change that.

Highlight Your Hero in Scholarship Films

College is expensive, so many parents don’t wait around to see if a scout is going to discover their superstar.  They bring their superstar to the attention of the schools their child is interested in, by sending videos to prospective schools.  Our yellow circles can help.

In most sports there’s a positio

n which naturally gets more attention.  In football, for instance, they always snap the ball to the quarterback.  No yellow circles are needed for someone to follow what the quarterback does with the ball.

If your sports hero’s maneuvers aren’t as obvious, getting them the attention they deserve could require a little technology.  If you just send a video and tell them your child’s number, it could be difficult for the coaches and scouts to follow the action.  Many times when the play starts the potential hero of the play is positioned in a way that makes it impossible to see his number.

Using a yellow circle to highlight a receiver, before they get the ball, or a great block by another player can change the viewer’s perspective immediately.  LeniCam Video Productions, Dallas Sports Videographer, inserts the yellow circle around your player at the beginning of the play and holds the frame for a moment to capture the attention of the viewer.  Then as the play progresses the viewer follows your player, rather than the guy with the ball.  It will be easy to see your hero in action.

Hire Us to Record Games or Use Footage You Have

We’re sports videographers, so we’d love to record your games.  The price is $170 per game and often several parents will join together to cover the cost.  However, if your team already has video or you record the games yourself, we’ll edit them for $50 – $125.  Then each circle added is $10.

If you’ve got a sports hero in your family, give us a call and we’ll help you get them seen by the people that matter.  Your investment now could make your child’s scholarship dreams come true.

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