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Weather Gracious for Outdoor Ceremony With Wedding Videographer Dallas TX

Amber and Andrew – The Wildwood Inn in Denton

When Amber married Andrew it was a glorious day in May.  The Wildwood Inn, in the North Texas town of Denton, provided a beautiful venue for their touching outdoor ceremony.

Amber’s white flowing gown had a strapless sweetheart bodice accented with a crystal-encrusted empire waistline.  For the ceremony, a crystal and pearl headband rested among her curls.  The bandeau matched her necklace perfectly.   For the reception, she pulled her hair back into a barrette so you could see her dangling pearl earrings.  Her bouquet held yellow and white flowers surrounded by burgundy calla lilies.  The groom wore a burgundy calla lily boutonniere on his tux with tails.

A flagstone patio under a pergola was the site of the ceremony.  Simple Doric columns held up the roof which was draped with sheer bunting.  Lavish white flowers arranged in ornate urns on square columns flanked the bride and groom.  The perfect touch was a soft breeze teasing the corners of the bunting.

As Andrew watched his bride come down the aisle he battled to hold back his tears of joy.  You can see the determined set of his jaw.  Amber too, is close to tears when they begin exchanging rings and by the time she places the ring on Andrew’s finger her face is awash.

The fun starts when everyone moves inside for the reception.  Andrew danced with his bride and then the bride and groom danced with their parents.  The three-tiered wedding cake was decorated in white with yellow trim.  The middle tier sported black polka dots.  Atop the cake was a pair of action figures to represent the bride and groom.  The red velvet groom’s cake was covered in white icing, drizzled with dark chocolate.

At the end of the reception, Andrew leads Amber to his black Camaro convertible as the guest fill the air with bubbles.  Then the couple drove away into their future.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

This highlight video in our trailer style is the distillation of weeks of work.  Many brides prefer this shorter type of highlight which provides a montage of scenes from their wedding day constructed around musical choices.  The mood of the wedding is the focus of the video rather than the time line or words.

On Amber and Andrew’s wedding day, our videographer arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony to set up the equipment and capture the excitement of the bride and groom’s preparations.  The one videographer used a variety of tricks while shooting to create the illusion that the video was being filmed by multiple cameras, just like a Hollywood movie.  Because we use professional-grade HD video cameras, we can record from the sidelines, out of the way, and still get crystal clear shots, like the close-ups of Amber as she vows her love to Andrew, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Since sound is important in a wedding video, we take many steps to get clear audio.  We had hand-held mics for the soloist and hooked in directly to the dj’s sound system.  One of our favorite tricks is to put a lapel microphone on the groom so we won’t miss a word of the vows.  We encouraged Andrew to keep the mic on throughout the reception so we could capture other shared sentiments of the day.

During the reception we took the camera off the tripod used during the ceremony and put it on a rolling dolly.  That allowed us to follow the action wherever it went, such as out on the sundrenched patio for the bouquet and garter tosses.  Moving between inside and outside scenes requires quick adjustments on the fly, something our experienced videographers know how to do with precision.

After Amber and Andrew drove away, our work had only begun.  We took the recorded images and sounds back to our studio for editing and mixing.  A few weeks later we had a demo tape ready for the couple to watch, so they could offer their edits.  Once we finished the wedding video with its custom cover and scene selections, we created this highlight video for friends and family to download from our site.

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