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Videos Wedding Dallas TX at 2014 Dallas Bridal Show


Last month we had the opportunity to take a break from the norm and be a part of the Dallas Bridal Show at Market Center. Of course, this gives us a chance to talk to potential clients (and we talked to a lot of them) but it has other purposes, too.

Checking Out the Competition

Every week, as we film weddings of brides across North Texas, we have the opportunity to interact with vendors of all sorts. We can identify new trends before they make it to the magazines and know which vendors we prefer to work with – as well as the ones we dread.

The vendors we don’t see at weddings are other videographers. We’re proud to say that we’re one of the few DFW videographers with staying power. Each year we see a fresh new crop of videographers at the bridal show who hang out their shingle and believe they are ready to book weddings. Year after year, all but a very few – not even a handful – disappear.
Filming a wedding may seem simple, but it’s not. It’s more than showing up with a digital video recorder and transferring the footage to a disc. LeniCam has invested heavily in professional grade high definition videocameras and audio equipment in order to produce cinemagraphic quality videos. We use professional-grade editing and mixing programs to enhance our footage. We bring over a decade of videographic experience to every wedding we film.

Another reason we have staying power is that weddings aren’t all we do. It’s easy to book a few weddings during June, but keeping a viable videography business going takes more than a season of weddings. All week long, every month, we’re filming sporting events, dance recitals, banquets, mitzvahs and other special occasions. We also shoot corporate, educational and promotional videos. This diversification strengthens our company in many ways. It inspires us to create custom cameras to better capture events. It allows us to invest heavily in equipment, giving us our technical edge. Shooting other events also contributes to our creative synergy.

Free Wedding Videos

At this show we saw vendors who along with their other services include free video. While think that’s a nice add-on for some brides, we’re concerned that brides expecting a full length video of their wedding day with the ceremony and the reception will be disappointed.

Free wedding videos come in many forms. Still photographers sometimes put together a slide show and call it a video or they can use the video function available on some DSLR cameras to make video footage between their still shots. A DJ may film the reception as he plays music or the venue may have a camera installed. These bits and pieces are put together in videos lasting from 5-10 minutes. Again, that can be great if that’s what you want, but that’s not what most brides are looking for.

None of these are a full length video of your wedding that focuses on you, while including all the details you’ve worked so hard to put together for your special day. We’d love to have the opportunity to explain all the differences there are in what we do and what comes with a free video.

Friendly Faces

The best part of our bridal show day is seeing our happy clients. At this particular show a catering saleslady from one of the local Marriot’s came by to share the news she was engaged, to book her date and to refer a friend to us. Another bride delivered a friend to our booth with the words, “These are the people I used and you should, too.”

We’re always thrilled for the opportunity to discuss our wedding videography with a bride, but you don’t have to wait until the next bridal show. Just call us at 972-378-0446 or email us at info@lenicam.com. We want to hear about your wedding plans.

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