Claudia & Jared at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Claudia and Jared at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Bent Tree Country Club

“It’s almost time,” Claudia said as she sat before a fireplace waiting for her wedding ceremony to begin.  Elsewhere in the church Jared enumerated all the things he loved about his bride.  Claudia and Jared were married at the beautiful St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in the historic Lakewood area of Dallas.  Their reception was held at elegant Bent Tree Country Club.

Claudia and Jared’s wedding day was a miracle of logistics coordinated by wedding planner Colleen Harkins.  The first vendor to report for duty was hair and make-up artist Brittany Jones.  She helped Claudia get ready at the bride’s parents’ house, while the guys dressed at the country club.  Then Romantic Remembrances conveyed the bridal party to the church in a limousine and the groom’s party in a bus.

Upon arrival at the church the wedding party was adorned by glorious floral arrangements from Garden Gate – bouquet and corsages for the ladies and boutonnieres for the men.  The florist provided arrangements for the pew ends, as well.  Meanwhile, Christopher Walker of Christographer  ( Formerly Lucky Pro Photography) captured the still shots while we were shooting audio and video.

At the appointed hour, the music of St. Thomas Acquinas’ legendary pipe organ filled the air as the father-of-the- bride walked Claudia down the aisle of the magnificent church.  Claudia looked stunning in a strapless, shirred-satin, fit-an-flare gown with crystal accents at the empire waist and just above the knee.  As Jared escorted her to the altar he couldn’t resist telling her how lovely she looked.

After the wedding, guests headed to Bentree for cocktail hour where other vendors had everything ready.  Linen Hero provided the table and chair covers, Absolute Entertainment set up the lighting and a Creative Events had a photo booth waiting.  Meanwhile Christopher took the post-wedding photographs.  Then Romantic Remembrances transported the couple, the bridal party and their families to the country club.

A little Italian flavor entered the celebrations after the wedding party was announced by the Ice House Band.  For the First Dance the bride and groom swayed to the sounds of Al Martino singing “I Have But One Heart.”  The Italian flavor continued as Claudia danced with her dad to the “Godfather Waltz.”

After Jared danced with his mother to “What a Wonderful Life,” the bride and groom finally got a chance to relax and enjoy dinner.  After dinner they slipped away for a wardrobe change.  This time Claudia had on a smooth satin shirtwaist dress with short, full skirt, accented with a sequined belt.  Now she could really enjoy the high energy sounds of the live band.

When the celebration were over, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the garter toss and all the dancing, Claudia departed the country club through rows of sparklers and rode away in a vintage Daimler to Hotel ZaZa where their honeymoon suite awaited.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Two Lenicam videographers arrived at Claudia and Jared’s wedding an hour and a half before the ceremony.  There’s a lot to set up to properly capture a wedding.  We had videocamers, tripods, lights and audio equipment to manage.  We also took the opportunity to coordinate with the other vendors and the church’s wedding coordinator, so things will go smoothly during the day.

One of the cameras we set up was our custom-designed proprietary camera with remote control.  This one-of-a-kind equipment allows us to have a camera recording at the front of the church.  Because no other Dallas Wedding Videographer else has this equipment, we are the only ones who can get footage at the front of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

Once everything was in place the cameramen split up to capture the pre-wedding activities, so later Claudia and Jared could enjoy watching the first part of each other’s wedding day together.  For the ceremony, one videographer stood at the back of the church for shots from the audience’s point of view, while another camera was hidden out of site near the front to get the close-ups during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, one camera leap-frogged ahead to the reception, while the other stayed behind to capture the fun of the photo shoot.  After the photos the second cameraman joined the reception.  With two cameras at the reception, we were able to keep one camera focused on the bride and groom, while the other camera went around and captured well-wishes from the guests.

When the night is over, we take all the audio and video footage back to our studio to create a wedding video for the couple, their family and their friends to enjoy for all the days of their marriage.

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