Recital Video Reaches Grandmother Just in Time

Thanks to Recital Video Grandmother Gets to See Granddaughter Dance

What’s more fun than seeing small girls in tutus dance?  It’s truly a delight, whether you know any of the dancers or not.  If one of those tiny tutu-ed miracles is your daughter or granddaughter, the pleasure is magnified a thousand-fold.  For several years now, we’ve had the privilege of producing the annual recital video for Sway Dance Center, but this year’s recital gave us the opportunity to do something very special – something that reminded us why we do this at all. 

Sway Dance Center

Sway Dance Center, in North Richardson, offers premium dance training to all kinds of dancers, whether the goal is to make dance a profession or just to dance for the pure joy of it. Sway’s classes include Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop classes for anyone from three-year-olds to adults.  At Sway, dance is about more than steps and pointe.  Their goal is to “focus…on character and discipline to improve the overall well-being of our students through positive reinforcement.”   They  assume “every student is capable of achieving their goals as a dancer” and their job is to “provide a nurturing atmosphere and a dance education that will last a lifetime!”  That’s the kind of organization we love to work with.

Production Time

The production of a LeniCam video takes time, because the raw video and audio must be edited and mixed to create the Hollywood-like quality our customers expect.  We tell our clients we’ll be delivering their finished video in 6-8 weeks, but we’re amused by how many call us immediately after their event and ask how soon we’ll be through.  What seemed reasonable beforehand becomes unbearable afterwards.

A Different Kind of Call

This year, after Sway’s annual May recital, we got a different kind of call.  This call came from the father of one of the tiny dancers.  The dancer’s grandmother had not been able to attend the recital, because she was dying from cancer.  The prognosis was not good and if the recital video wasn’t available until 6-8 weeks had passed, this grandmother would never see her precious granddaughter’s performance.  Was there anything we could do?

This request touched the heart of our founder and producer, John Lenihan.  He started this company because he understood the profound emotional impact of milestone moments.  Preserving and sharing memories is our primary mission.

As much as our producer wanted to move up the time of delivery, he knew he couldn’t scrimp on the amount of time and effort devoted to the Sway recital video.  After all, Sway Dance Center is one of our most important clients and all of their dancers expect and deserve our very best.

As we discussed the situation with the caller we realized this dad didn’t care about seeing the whole video.  He just wanted to show the segment highlighting his daughter to his mother, while he still could.  John was able to provide the father with excerpts from the raw footage which included his daughter.  We sent the excerpts just in time.

After we took care of this special request, production of the Sway Dance Recital Video continued.  The complete video was available on schedule and we’re very proud of it.  As part of our services to Sway, we even assist with the sale and delivery of videos, which allows Sway to focus on dance.

What milestone moment is coming up in your life?  A wedding, birthday, anniversary, mitzvah, sporting event, recital or even a funeral?  Whatever your milestone, even business milestones, LeniCam Video Productions wants to help you preserve your memories and share them with others.



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