Contest Winner Cherishes Love Story Video

Love Story Video Goes to January Winner

Back in January, just for the fun of it, we sponsored a contest in our booth at the Dallas Bridal Show.  As soon as Erica heard what the prize was, she was determined to win.  She worked hard to get Facebook “likes” from all her friends.  Now she has the Love Story Video she wanted so badly.

What is a Love Story Video?

How did you meet?  Where did you go on your first date?  When did he propose?  All these questions and more can be answered by a Love Story Video by LeniCam Video Productions, Dallas Wedding Videographers .

A LeniCam Love Story Video is a compilation of photos, memorabilia, video and audio that are put together into a professionally produced video to tell the history of your relationship.  Some couples want to show the video at pre-wedding activities, before their ceremony or during the reception.  Others just want it to be part of their wedding video.  Either way, LeniCam can take your memories and turn them into an entertaining and enjoyable video to share with family and friends, both now and in the future.

What was the Contest?

During the Bridal Show, we videotaped brides-to-be sharing memories from their romances.  For two days we had the opportunity to hear some of the most amazing love stories from brides of all ages and all walks of life.  Some of the brides had us clutching our sides in laughter.  Others sent us flying for tissues to dry our tears.  Then we posted the videos on Facebook.  The bride with the most likes would win their own Love Story Video.

The competition lasted for a week and it was fierce.  Thousands of folks flocked to our website to vote for their favorite video.  The first few days were a free-for-all, but soon several winners pulled ahead.  After awhile, other contestants were slowing down, but Erica never did.  She had folks coming to like her video right up until the last minute.

And the Winner was Erica! 

Though many of the contestants earnestly wanted the free video, no one worked harder or would have been happier to win than Erica.  She was thrilled when we informed her that she was the winner.  A few months later she and her fiance came to our offices to shoot live footage for the video to go along with the pictures and memorabilia the couple brought with them.  Hearing them talk about meeting, falling in love and starting a life together was heart-warming.

The other day, Erica came by to pick up her video.  We wish her all the happiness in the world.


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