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Haley and Bradley at Irvings Hackberry Creek Country Club in Wedding Videos Dallas

Bradley stood at the end of the aisle, seriously contemplating what he was about to undertake.  Then his eyes fell on Haley and a smile lit up his face.  Haley and Bradley were married at Hackberry Creek Country Club in Irving.

Catching sight of Haley on her wedding day was enough to make anyone smile.  The lace bodice of her ball gown tucked into a wide satin sash and the pleated satin skirt billowed out below.  A full veil fell from her updo.  She carried a bouquet of mixed purple flowers highlighted with calla lilies, stephanotis and small green chrysanthemums.

The ceremony was lovely and heartfelt.  You can see the couple’s earnestness during the vows.  The couple participated in a sand-pouring ceremony to symbolize how their previously separate lives were now becoming one.

Once the ceremony was behind them, a lighter mood settled onto the newlywed man and wife.  They joked with one another during the formal photography session and were both radiantly happy as they strolled into the reception.

Their reception was a very tempting affair.  The wedding cake, topped with decorated cakeballs starred in a dessert bar complete with a chocolate fountain.  However, the dance floor seemed to be an even bigger temptation; it stayed busy all night long.  The bride and groom were in the center of things, oftentimes providing the musical entertainment themselves.

The final song was the Star Wars theme song.  The couple escaped through a shower of bubbles to their SUV which had been decorated with a number of Star Wars references.  Come to think of it, did you notice how much Haley resembled Princess Leia?

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

The Force was certainly with Haley and Bradley on their wedding day.  Our videographer was glad our tripods have wheels as he followed the energetic couple.  One of our goals during the wedding was to be everywhere, recording everything and everyone all the time.  Another goal was to be virtually invisible.  That’s the reason we chose to use a professional grade HD videocameras.

We believe the bride and groom should be the stars of their day – especially on the actual wedding day.  Our larger cameras allow us to stay in the background and zoom in and out for our shots, while maintaining the highest of video quality.  A cameraperson using a DSLR would have had to stay close to the Haley and Bradley throughout the day.  Wherever the guests saw Haley and Bradley, they would have also been looking at the camera-person.  We wanted a better experience for everyone.

In a wedding video, sounds are as important as sounds.  So the video will sound as good as it looks, we use a variety of microphones and audio feeds.  We want every word to be crystal clear.

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