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Videographers Wedding Dallas TX Features Jennifer and James

Jennifer and James at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church and KJT Auditorium in Ennis, TX

“You’ve got a building full of people to support you,” the dj announced as Jennifer and James strolled hand-in-hand into Ennis’s KJT Hall .  They’d also filled up the St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church  earlier in the day.  This union brought joy to many.

The beautiful bride chose a jewel studded fit-and-flare strapless gown with a corset closing for her wedding day.  The shirred bodice hugged her torso and was gathered to the side with a jeweled decoration on her hip.  A sheer overskirt, trimmed in lace revealed an underskirt of satin brocade.  When everything else was in place, Jennifer stepped out of a pair of clear plastic flip-flops and into a chic pair of champagne lace sling-back pumps with a peek-a-boo toe.  Jennifer was then ready to marry her fellow.

The church, named for the patron saint of Czechoslovakia, is a grand edifice with beautiful stained glass windows and ornate golden accoutrements.  Jennifer’s bridesmaids in their tomato red, halter-style short dresses with sheer shrugs stood out against the elegant surroundings.  A pretty little flower-girl led a shy tuxedoed companion down the aisle.  A sign around his neck proclaimed, “Here comes the bride.”

The doors opened and Jennifer headed down the aisle on the arm of her father.  She carried a flamboyant bouquet of bright-hued flowers.  The ceremony featured a live soloist, the reading of Bible passages and the lighting of a Unity Candle.  When the priest allowed the groom to kiss his bride, James held Jennifer in a passionate embrace.

After the ceremony James assisted the bride into his great big white pick-up truck.  As he drove away a collection of tin cans, attached to the truck with string, made a loud clatter.  Nothing quite says Ennis like the KJT Hall where the reception was held.  KJT stands for Katolická Jednota Texaská, Catholic Union of Texas.  For 47 years, thousands have flocked to the hall for the annual National Polka Festival  , but on this day, everyone was there for Jennifer and James.

In the entry area, a large display decorated with candles and flowers showed off a collection of photographs of and memorabilia from Jennifer and James.  Around the corner friends sat up a delicious buffet of Slavic sweets.  To kick off the festivities, Jennifer and James led a promenade of friends and family around the dance floor, through couples with joined hands held high and ended up in the middle of the floor, dancing their first dance as the others slowly circled around them.

The night continued with more traditional Slavic dances like The Little Bird and the polka.  Jennifer threw one bouquet to the young girls and another for the single ladies.  James retrieved Jennifer’s garter with his teeth and then threw it to the single guys around a football.  The couple escaped from the KJT Hall for the quiet of the parking lot and then stole away hand-in-hand.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

When Jennifer and James called us, they asked if we did Slovakian weddings.  Then they found out how many different wedding traditions we’d recorded over the years.  They realized we could handle whatever the polka-loving Czechs could throw at us.

We used two cameras to capture Jennifer and James special day.  During the ceremony, we used our remote control camera to capture tight close-ups of the vows.  This camera gets close without requiring a camera to be in the middle of the ceremony.  Another camera stayed at the back of the church to capture the ceremony from a second vantage point.

Because we had two cameras, one camera was able to stay behind and record the fun the couple had taking the post-ceremony photographs.  He also caught the big pick-up heading off to the KJT Hall with the tin cans in tow.  Jennifer and Jame’s entrance to the hall was captured by the second cameraman who had gone ahead.  The team works together so they won’t miss a thing.

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