Juliette & Umara Wedding Videography Dallas

Fort Worth’s Historic Thistle Hill Hosts Wedding with African Roots in Wedding Videography Dallas

Juliette and Umaru – African Traditions at the Historic Thistle Hill in Fort Worth

Umaru and Juliette’s wedding day was ten years in the making.  They met at graduation ceremony of one of Juliette’s nieces and over time, the casual introduction grew into love.  Juliette and Umaru were married at Thistle Hill, a beautiful historic home in Fort Worth.

Thistle Hill is a fitting venue for a wedding, because the lovely edifice was built as a wedding gift back in the early 1900’s.  The gorgeous home features a large stairwell in the front entry hall which served as the site of the wedding.  As guests entered the hall they were greeted by a tasty buffet of candies and offered seats in the entry hall.  The ceremony took place on the stairwell’s landing, in front of a colorful stained glass window.  The bride and groom with their attendants standing on the steps below them made a dramatic tableau.

Juliette was a lovely bride.  She wore a white satin ball gown with a strapless corset-style bodice.  The tulle overskirt was gathered into pick-ups.  A crystal tiara with matching necklace and earrings added sparkle to her look, along with very high heeled sandals covered in glitter.    She finished her ensemble with lace-covered fingerless gloves and carried a bouquet of white roses.  Her most beautiful accoutrement, by far, was her dazzling smile.

Juliette’s tulle veil with wide lace trim was worn over her face for the ceremony.  During the her vows, the bride kept her eyes demurely cast downwards until the last few promises. Then she looked at Umaru and the love in her eyes shown through the sheer fabric. To symbolize the joining of their lives the couple lit a unity candle.  After exchanging rings the officiant asked Umaru to kiss his bride’s hand, which he did very elegantly.  When he was able to lift the veil, he offered a more enthusiastic sign of his affection.

A lively reception with a buffet dinner was held on the lawn.  The couple danced into the gathering and onto the dance floor where guest showered them with money.  Many of the guests were wearing cultural costumes with elaborate turbans and colorful dresses.  The wedding cake was made to look like a white castle with turrets and was decorated with red and black emblems.  The groom’s cake resembled a soccer ball.  At the end of the evening the couple thanked everyone for sharing their day.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

This video features some beautiful close-ups of Juliette during her vows.  Because the ceremony took place on the tight stairwell, we had to use all kinds of ingenuity to get the shots.   Though we have a huge inventory of equipment to help us capture events, in this situation, technology wasn’t the answer.  Only our many years of experience allowed us to create this video.

First we carefully filmed through the banister as the couple moved from the bottom of the stairs to the top.  Then back in the studio we took extra care with our editing and mixing.  The result is a video which gives the viewer a better view of the ceremony than anyone attending the wedding enjoyed.

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