Kasye and Trent At Denton Bible Church

Kasye and Trent at Denton Bible Church and Denton Country Club

Kayse and Trent’s wedding day at Denton Bible Church and Denton Country Club was a perfect balance of couture chic and country charm.

The beautiful bride looked stunning in her white satin strapless gown encrusted with lace and crystals.  Her sweetheart neckline with fitted bodice curved into a fit and flare silhouette and train.  The gown was complimented by a waist-length tulle veil and crystal chandelier earrings.

Her bridesmaids wore short purple strapless dresses and matching pumps with large bows.  The bridal party carried mixed bouquets of pink and purple.  A darling flower girl in a pouf of purple tulle was accompanied by a tuxedoed ring bearer.  As the bride and her attendants sized up their fashion quotient, the men were swapping stories of hunting, camping and farming, but they looked dapper in their black tuxedoes.

Denton Bible Church with its red brick walls, white columns and white steeple reaching into the sky is a lovely example of classic American religious architecture.  Inside large windows, white picture frame paneling, dark pews and porcelain tile provided a serene backdrop for a lovely Christian wedding taken word-for-word from Scripture.  Throughout the vows, the bride’s joy beamed to her beloved in her dazzling smile.  The bride and groom and their parents participated in a unity candle ceremony which ended in a group prayer.

The reception was down the road at the Denton Country Club in Argyle, TX. Before the new husband and wife joined their family and friends, they took some private time to enjoy the last moments of the setting sun.  Once inside they stepped into the strains of a popular country song and proved it wasn’t their first trip around a dance floor together.

The striking wedding cake was a vision of alternating layers of black and white, each layer decorated in lacy flourishes of the opposite color. After the cake, Trent, who grew up on a dairy farm, thought a glass of milk was in order.  Kayse accommodated him from the milk bar, where white and chocolate milk waited with miniature glasses, each engraved with the name of a guest.
Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers

This wedding video is more than just a recording of events on a particular day in the lives of Kayse and Trent.  It’s designed to tell both the love story and the happy ending of the new man and wife.

Throughout the day we looked for those things which represented Kayse and Trent, their relationship with one another and their relationships with their family and friends.  The music in the background throughout this video is music Kayse and Trent chose.  We captured Kayse and Trent as they vowed their love to one another before their family and their friends and in their private moments before the reception.  We tried to include each and every guest and to showcase every thoughtful detail of the day.

To capture all these moments, people and words, we try to be everywhere and record everything, while remaining invisible to the participants and guests.  Then we take all the video and audio back to the studio, mixing and editing until we create a wedding video which will remind Kayse and Trent of their special wedding day, all the days of their marriage.

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