Kathy & Randy at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church

 Kathy and Randy Tie the Knot at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield 

Kathy and Randy almost didn’t meet on Match.com.  Both were at the end of disappointing trial periods, when at the suggestion of her son-in-law, Kathy made one small change to her profile.  By widening her geographic area, Match.com connected her with Randy and the rest is a charming love story. Kathy and Randy were married in a touching evening service at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield.

The perky mature bride chose a strapless gown of silk brocade with an empire waist set off with rhinestones.  The dress was softly shirred through the torso and fell into a short train.  Underneath were sparkly sandals which matched her rhinestone headband.  Her bridesmaids wore long, red, A-line dresses of chiffon, with sequined floral accents across the bodice, which matched red silk ties on the groomsmen.   The bridesmaids carried nosegays of roses in the warm colors of red and coral.  Kathy’s bouquet was made of the same roses, with white roses added.  A pair of flower girls completed the bridal party.

The stage for Kathy and Randy’s wedding, set with fluted columns draped in sheers and topped with flowers, created a dramatic effect.  According to the bride’s “Woohoo,” and double fist pump, so did Randy’s kiss.

The warm colors of the floral bouquets were echoed in the deep pink decorations of the reception, which was held in the church’s fellowship hall.  Guest enjoyed a buffet of hors d’oeuvres and a beautiful tiered cake covered with swirls and dots and lines, and decorated with a small bunch of red roses. After the audience sang Happy Birthday to the bride, she pronounced it “The best birthday ever. As Kathy and Randy’s special evening came to a close, guests bade them farewell with bubbles.  Then the new husband and wife rode away in a black limousine.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers

During the wedding Randy wore a lavalier microphone to capture the words shared between the bride and groom.  Other mics were used to pick up other audio feeds throughout the day.  When the demo tape was made for the couple, the editor faced a tough choice.  There was an excellent tape of the wedding’s special music and the couple’s whispered sentiments during the song were very sweet.  So we asked the couple to decide which they wanted on the video and they wanted both.  We were able to create the video with two audio options on the same Blue Ray disc.  Now Randy and Kathy can enjoy both versions of the video with just the push of a button.

We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

From Randy’s Review of Our Work on WeddingWire:

“I can’t say enough about LeniCam Video Productions. After an exhaustive search of video production companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area we decided upon LeniCam. We were not disappointed in the least. John was the most flexible of all owners we dealt with and it was evident he was more interested in getting just what we wanted rather than having us to conform to some sort of set package he advertised.

I am very selective about video as I do many of my own productions and was previously over a video production unit at a previous job I held. I know what it takes to produce a highly polished product so I looked very carefully at who we selected. LeniCam was an obvious choice and they were so far and above the others I considered that it wasn’t even a contest.

There is so much that goes on during a wedding/reception that you simply can’t remember it all. After watching our preview copy of the finished product we laughed and cried as there were so many priceless moments that John captured, many we didn’t even realize had occurred.

I just knew that there was going to be many things I wanted changed before watching the preview copy of our DVD. However, I couldn’t find one thing to suggest. LeniCam’s commitment to quality, value, and customer service is outstanding. I assure you the finished product you will receive will be something you won’t regret.

I highly recommend this firm for weddings or any other special occasion you may have. You will simply not regret selecting them!”

From Randy’s Review on The Knot:

We decided to have a very small church wedding of about 125 of our closest friends and family members. The motto we selected was simple but elegant and we wanted the evening to be a tribute to God, who brought us together.

Selecting someone to capture our evening on video was going to be a difficult chore as in a previous job I was over our video production unit, which produced a monthly cable television show. Naturally, I was going to be overly selective about who we used for this..

After an exhaustive review of video production companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we narrowed our search to three top notch firms, one of which was LeniCam Productions.

I must say that John at LeniCam, was the most flexible and creative person of all that I dealt with. We had great two-way communication and as a result we were able to modify a package to completely suit our requirements. John was always eager to listen and adjust to our needs.

My fiancee and I, as most couples do, had to juggle our wedding budget on many occasions. At one point, she even asked me to seriously consider eliminating having a video production due to cost overruns in other areas. However, I convinced her to stick with me on this as I felt like she wouldn’t regret it. I will highlight just a few of the reasons why this turned out to be a sound decision.

At the church, we found John and his second camera operator and after a brief introduction and getting equipped with a wireless microphone, I hardly noticed either of them for the rest of the evening. If there is anything I could say about the manner in which they operated, it would be as if they were never there. They were the least intrusive element to a very packed evening of events.

The video arrived within the agreed upon time frame as set in our contract and the minute we watched it, there were tears of joy. My wife turned to me and told me that this was the best investment we had made out of the entire wedding. There are just so many special moments that you don’t pick up on during a wedding and reception and LeniCam Productions brought them all home to us to relive time and again.

We have watched the video many times and each time we catch something different we didn’t see before. The proof video came with a video marker so that we could identify exactly where in the video we wanted changes. I looked and tried to be as critical as I could but just couldn’t really find anything that I wanted changed. I must say, that the quality of the production was amazing. Additionally, I had booked a trio of violinists to play contemporary music for the reception and John placed a recorder near them to capture the entire evening’s music.He would later put much of the music on the soundtrack of our video. It gave the entire production a nice element of class.

Since I thought I would like to do some selective work of my own on our wedding, LeniCam Productions even allowed me to provide a new hard disk and they downloaded all the audio/video footage from our wedding to use for my own purposes later own. This is just another example of how John caters to his clients.

LeniCam Video Productions commitment to service, quality, and video is outstanding! I highly recommend this company for weddings or any other purpose you may have. Should you book them for a wedding, you won’t regret it as the finished product will be something that will truly enrich your marriage for many years to come.”

From Kathy’s Review on The Knot:

 “I would just like to say that LeniCam Video Productions were very Professional, and a lot of fun. I really didn’t remember a lot about my Wedding as I was so incredibly nervous. We paid for and received a Wedding Video from LeniCam and the first time my Husband and I looked at it we both cried our eyes out with “Happiness” it brought back our special day to us, and allowed us to see it as our Guests saw it. We have since reviewed the Video many times over and over and so incredibly special, we notice something new in the video every time we watch it. He has many different menus on the video some are moments that make us laugh, some are moments that make us cry and some are moments that totally leave us in awe. We will refer LeniCam productions to anyone and everyone in the future for Video’s for any and all Special Occasions.

I highly recommend this Company and know without a shadow of a doubt you will be as pleased and blown away as my Husband and I have been.

Thank you LeniCam for making our Special Day a lifetime of happiness for us in our years as we grow old together.”




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