Kelly and Ben in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

Kelly and Ben at Perkins Chapel at SMU in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

On the SMU campus, rain fell on bright yellow daffodils, bedecking them with jewel-like droplets.  In a room nearby, a bride stepped into her wedding gown.  Her attendants wore yellow chiffon dresses, every bit as bright as the daffodils outside.  Branches of yellow forsythia filled vases inside the chapel.  White roses in the bride’s bouquet surrounded a splash of yellow peonies.  The bridesmaids carried fresh nosegays of white daisies.  Spring arrived at Perkins Chapel on Kelly and Ben’s wedding day and Videography Wedding Dallas TX proves it..

Joy, as noticeable as the spring shower outside, permeated the chapel.  Ben’s tuxedo-clad groomsmen ducked into the vestibule shaking off the damp.  Nearby, Kelly waited for her cue.  She looked stunning in her strapless white sheath, encased in a sleeveless lace overdress.  Her radiant smile outshone the crystal chandelier earrings dangling from her lobes.

The large wedding party formed two rows at the front of the chapel as grand music from the pipe organ filled the air.  Kelly entered the chapel and walked down the aisle to Ben.  He’d known she was the one for him ever since their first date.  In fact, he was still wondering why he waited three days to call her, once he had her number.

As Kelly’s father gave his daughter away, he told Ben to “Love her always.”  After readings of poetry and scripture, The Lord’s Prayer was sung by a talented vocalist.  The ceremony included a unique floral ritual where the bride and groom added flowers to vase, symbolizing their lives being joined together.  The sincerity of the couple could be seen on their faces as they made their vows to love one another forever.

After the ceremony, Kelly gathered her dress into her arms and huddled under an umbrella with Ben as they made their way to the waiting limousine.  The simple act seemed to suggest that together  this couple could face whatever life rained down on them.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

We tell brides that no matter what happens on their wedding day, good and bad, they are going to love their wedding video.  Instead of trying to hide the rainy weather, our LeniCam videographer included the spring shower, making it a highlight of the day.  The raindrops on the daffodils intensify the sunshine-like effect of the yellow chiffon dresses and yellow floral displays Kelly chose for her wedding.  When Kelly’s mother watched the video for the first time, it was the couple’s walk in the rain, together under one umbrella, which brought tears to her eyes.

During the wedding we captured everything around us.  A videocamera was only one of our tools.  We also used a variety of microphones and audio feeds to record the sounds of the day.  Rain falling, a father’s whispered words and flourishes of magnificent music were just as important as wedding dresses, flowers and tuxedos.

At the end of the day our job had just begun.  We took the recorded material back to our studio and went over it time and time again.  We sifted through every frame, mixing the video and audio, to create a video which represented the overall experience of the day, along with the visual and audio details.  We created Kelly and Ben’s unique wedding video to preserve the moments of their special day for enjoyment throughout their life together.

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