Kevin & Wendy by Videographer Wedding Dallas TX

Videographer Wedding Dallas TX Captures Kevin and Wendy at Highland Park Presbyterian Church and Park West Omni Hotel

Wendy was a thoroughly modern bride.  She used the internet to research everything about her wedding – venues, vendors, traditions and superstitions.  Then she brought the best of it all to her wedding day.  Kevin and Wendy were married at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas.

When it came to wedding looks, Wendy’s research certainly paid off in sparkle.  She was one of the most beautiful brides we’ve ever seen.  Her white satin asymmetrical fit-and-flare gown showed off her trim figure.  The strapless sweetheart neckline was decorated with crystals and the bodice had a corset closing.  Her tulle veil was cathedral length.  The stems of her white rose bouquet were wrapped in white satin studded with crystals.  She wore a feather hair ornament which also sported an array of crystals.  Around her neck Wendy wore a crystal necklace with a large teardrop crystal dangling from it.  Even her shoes were decorated with crystals.

A wedding symbol Wendy brought to the ceremony was a unity candle.  The mothers each lit a candle before the ceremony to symbolize each family, then the couple used those candles to light their unity candle after their vows to symbolize that the families were now one.

The reception was held at the Park West Omni Hotel.  Families and friends gathered for an energetic celebration.  Laughter was in abundant supply.  Wendy’s chic style and love of bling was easy to see.  At the end of the evening the couple said goodbye while the guests waved bright sparklers in the air.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

When Wendy first talked to us, we were just a name on her list of videographers to interview.  She had some very definite ideas about what she wanted and she didn’t think we could deliver.  One thing she wanted was a highlight video that was more exciting than our traditional highlight format.

Our traditional format features excerpts of the full wedding pulled together in a way that tells the story of the day. Wendy wanted something, that didn’t really tell a story, but merely gave brief glimpses of the day in no apparent order. It was through conversations with her that we developed our second highlights video style we call “wedding trailer.”  She was thrilled with her wedding trailer and other brides have also selected the style for their video.

As Wendy researched videographers she discovered that some use the new DSLR technology, instead of the professional-grade HD videocameras we do.  She assumed newer was better until we discussed the pros and cons of the two technologies.  We explained that our videocameras are larger than the DSLR’s, but we choose to use them because the zoom capability allows us to keep our distance.  A DSLR camera person has to be close to the bride to get clear shots.  Wendy didn’t want a camera person in view all day long.  In the end, our technology was part of the reason she chose us.

Wendy had another criterion for hiring us.  She wanted more close-ups of herself in the video than she’d seen in other videos.  We explained that to get that kind of close-ups she’d need to give us some extra time before the ceremony to film them.  She was happy to oblige and in the full video you can see the result.

The truth of the matter is Wendy was one of the most exacting brides we’ve ever had.  She did more research about videography than most of our brides do and she had a better idea of exactly what she wanted.  That’s why she’s also one of our favorite brides.  We can do whatever a bride wants, but more often than not, our brides only have a vague idea of what that is.  That’s OK, because we’ve been doing this long enough to help them decide, and it was fun to work with Wendy.

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