Leanna & Tim, Wedding Videographer for Dallas TX

Thoughtful Bride Honors Many Traditions at Country Club Wedding

Leanna and Tim – Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco Texas Captured by Wedding Videographer for Dallas TX

Leanna wasn’t taking any chances on her wedding day.  From pinning something old on her petticoat to a sixpence taped on her shoe, she took all the proper bridal precautions.  Then after a final application of lip gloss, she marched right out and married Tim at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco.

Leanna was dazzling on her wedding day in a bright-white strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline.  The bodice was covered in crystal beads sewn into a floral lace pattern and the A-line skirt was a series of vertical organza ruffles.  Even her fingertip veil was edged in crystals.  Still, her smile was her most beautiful accoutrement.

As the wedding party made their way into the ceremony, the ring bearer appeared to be exasperated by the whole process.  He stomped down the aisle with his arms crossed and the ring pillow shoved to the side.  He was followed down the aisle by a flower girl who shared none of his angst.  She almost floated down the aisle with joy.

Leanna and Tim wrote their vows for one another, which were both meaningful and humorous.  The touching ceremony included the lighting of a unity candle. After announcing the couple man and wife, the officiant got in on the humor, declaring them Mr. and Mrs. Little Timothy Navin when tall broad-shouldered groom was anything but little.

It was easy to see that Leanna had put a lot of thought into the celebration.  Along with her pre-wedding ministrations, the programs were “Wedding Activity Books” and the guests located their table for the reception with personalized luggage tags.

It was also easy to see this couple was devoted to fun.  The wedding cake topper was bride and groom figurines carrying signs.  The groom’s sign said, “Mr. Right,” while the bride’s sign declared she was “Mrs. Always Right.”  Instead of the standard tiered wedding cake, they served a table full of decorated one-layer cakes.  When the couple cut their cake the ritual almost turned into a food fight.  Another laughter-filled moment of the day was the Newlywed Shoe Game where both spouse admitted that Leanna made the first move.

The good times continued through the garter toss.  Little Timothy tossed the garter onto a ledge which hid the indirect lighting overhead.  Even Little Timothy couldn’t reach it.  Not to worry – the ever-prepared bride just happened to have a second garter.

As the guests said farewell with bubbles, the bride and groom played one more prank.  Tim’s mother drove up in her SUV and when they drove away, Mom and bride were in the front seat, while Tim pouted in the back seat.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions        

Leanna and Tim chose our wedding package with two videographers.  That allows us to record the wedding from two different perspectives and weave them together at our studio through editing and mixing.  In this highlight film, we also wove their vows together to show the essence of their vows without taking time to reproduce the entire exchange.  The camera which provided the close-ups was actually a proprietary remote control camera.  It sat near the front, outside  of the line of sight and without the movements of a cameraman to distract from the ceremony.

Another trick we’ve learned in all these years of wedding videography is that the audio portion of a wedding is as important as what you see.  So we put a lapel microphone on the groom.  This trick helped up pick up the heart-warming and funny-bone tickling vows.  We also got to listen is as the bride and groom serenaded one another in the first dance.

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