Lisa and Brett at St Catherine Sienna Catholic Church

Lisa& Brett at St Catherine Sienna Catholic Church

Country Club Reception with a DJ

Brett and Lisa said their vows at St Catherine Sienna Catholic Church in Carrollton, Texas. Their relative, a brand new priest, officiated his first wedding ceremony. He made the couple, and the audience, feel very welcome and comfortable. The reception followed with a DJ at the Castle Hills Golf Club in Lewisville, Texas.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

St. Catherine Sienna Catholic Church has semicircle seating. This was important to us as we chose which camera from our extensive inventory we would take to Brett and Lisa’s wedding.  We selected our custom-designed proprietary  remote camera.  This camera can be situated out of the audience’s line of sight, but very close to the bride and groom.  That way we can get tight close-ups during the vows, while the cameraman operates the equipment from the back of the church.

Some things we can plan for, others we can’t.  At this wedding, it was a very windy day.  So we took advantage of the breeze and recorded some very nice scenes of Lisa veil blowing in the wind.

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