Misty and Matthew by Videographer for Dallas Wedding

Videographer for Dallas Wedding Captures Misty and Matthew at Carrollton Wedding Chapel

The right prayer can make your dreams come true – even when you don’t believe in them.  Just ask Matthew. He didn’t believe in fairy tale romances, but he was ready to settle down, so one New Year’s Eve before he headed to a party, he prayed for God to send him the right girl.  Matthew didn’t only meet the right girl that very night; he got the fairy tale romance, too.  Misty and Matthew were married at Cappella Court Gardens in Carrollton.

One of the things Matthew liked while he was dating Misty was her country girl upbringing which negated “all the craziness typical with city girls.” Country girl Misty’s wedding day was filled with big city style, starting with her stunning trumpet-styled satin gown, covered in crystal and pearl decoration.  The strapless gown with its sweetheart neckline showed off Misty’s crystal jewelry which had a dangling hearts motif.  Her up-do was crowned with a sparkling tiara and a tulle veil trimmed in jewels.

Cappella Court in Carrollton was a beautiful venue filled with romantic staircases, crystal chandeliers and white picture frame paneling.  Misty carried red roses and hints of red could be seen everywhere – in the bridesmaid’s red chiffon dresses, the red bows on the reception chairs, the red rose petals strewn by the two flower girls and in a red ribbon tied onto their unity candle.  A surprising addition to the day was the three dogs, dressed to the nines, led in by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The couple wrote their vows to one another and Matthew began his with “I was wrong,” telling the story of his corrected misconceptions about fairytale romances.  Misty was so touched she could barely make it through her own sweet promises.  Anxious to start their life together, the couple headed down the aisle right after their kiss,  before the minister could even pronounce them man and wife.

The appetizer buffet which began their reception was highlighted with a melon basket carved with the bride and groom’s names.  During the first dance, the handsome groom complained about his lack of dancing skills and the bride didn’t argue with him.  Though clumsy on the dance floor, he skillfully picked the song he danced to with his mother, reminding her that he knew it was her favorite song.

During the toasts one of the bridesmaids remarked on Misty’s infectious laugh which was very much a part of the cutting of the couple’s beautiful wedding cake.  Each layer of the cake was covered in sugar flowers.  The tiers of the cake were separated by fanciful columns and between the columns were bouquets of real flowers.

After giggling through the cake cutting, the couple toasted one another with champagne and listened to the fond toasts of their families and guests.  While offering her toast, Matthew’s mom joked about how sickening it was to watch the loving couple interact.  Matthew’s sense of humor didn’t fall very far from the maternal tree.

When it was time to go, the couple climbed into the back of a station wagon which had been decorated to the gills.  With an enthusiastic “Alright,” Matthew let everyone know it was time for he and Misty to go.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

While dancing with his bride, Matthew in shirtsleeves dipped Misty for a kiss.  In the video the couple is magically transported to the portico of Cappella Gardens, Matthew’s jacket is back on and he’s once again giving Misty an affectionate dip.

During a wedding we’re everywhere, recording everything and when we get back to the studio we edit and mix the audio and video footage to make the wedding video even more enchanted than it was for guests at the live event.

We used video technology, like our custom-designed remote camera to capture special scenes, such as close-ups of Micelle during the vows.  With it we caught the tight shots without having a cameraperson at the front of the chapel.  We recorded the secret whispered sentiments between the bride and groom by attaching a wireless lavaliere microphone to the groom.

Then we go back to our studios and figure out where to add the magic, so Michelle and Matthew will always be able to enjoy the enchantment.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

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