Why Hire Professional Wedding Videography ?

Wedding Videography

LeniCam Videographers Interview a Groom

Wondering why you should spend the money to hire professional wedding videography?

If you’re considering having your Dallas wedding video professionally recorded, but you’re afraid you can’t justify the expense, read on for all the advantages of  a professional wedding videography. There are a lot of people who say they can’t see spending the money on a video of their wedding day when they’re sure they’ll only watch it once or twice before setting it aside, forgotten. According to many customers who have made the investment, they couldn’t be farther from the truth – their videos are priceless family heirlooms.

The people who can’t justify the expense say that they could have a friend or family member record the video for them. Hand-held cameras are relatively inexpensive and record high quality video these days, and just about everyone has one. Why not save the money and let your friend record the video? This might work for an extremely small ceremony, but for most weddings you would need a professional for the high quality you want. There are a variety of reasons that hand-held cameras and hobbyists aren’t capable of doing justice to the average wedding.

Professional Video Quality

The first reason is audio quality. A hand-held camera only has one audio source – the microphone on the camera itself. Professional equipment can pull from multiple audio sources – usually small, wireless, high quality microphones placed inconspicuously on the officiant, the groom and throughout the room near important audio that you will want captured. This allows the wedding videographer in Dallas TX to capture every word of the vows, every word the officiant says and the music of the ceremony clearly so that it translates beautifully to your video.

Professional Video Lighting

Another reason is lighting. Often, hobbyists don’t know much about lighting.  They aren’t equipped to work with the ambient lighting or provide light of their own. A professional, on the other hand will know how to work with the lighting conditions they’re given and be prepared, if needed, to provide their own lighting to ensure that the shots come out beautifully.

Professional Video Production

Probably the biggest reason to hire a professional, however, is production. An amateur will simply hand you the disc they used to record the proceedings. A professional will have the equipment to go to their studio and spend hours editing and forming the final video into something more than simply a document of the wedding. They can add special soundtracks, use special effects to highlight certain parts and stitch the video together in a coherent story. You’ll have more than a document of your wedding, you’ll have a one of a kind work of art made specifically to commemorate your wedding day that way it should be. Your Dallas wedding videos will become more than a documentary; they’ll be a priceless family heirloom to pass to generations coming.



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