Samantha & Charles at Paradise Cove

Wedding at Paradise Cove in Grapevine

Samantha & Charles’ Wedding and Reception

Charles entered Samantha’s life as the “hot guy next door” who mowed the lawn “shirtless”.  He was eighteen and it didn’t take him long to ask her out.  On their first date he promised to love her forever IF she would feed him fries while he drove them home.  Samantha fed him those fries and six years later, Charles sealed his promise to her with his wedding vows.  Their wedding and reception were at Paradise Cove in Grapevine .

For her wedding day, the lovely bride chose a strapless, gem-studded, lace-covered, fit-and-flare gown with a sweetheart neckline.  Her finger-tip veil was trimmed in lace. She wore her beautiful, long, dark hair down around her shoulders which enhanced her dark eyes and white wedding ensemble.   At her waist was a satin bow, held in place with a sparkling brooch.   Her bridal bouquet was formed from white roses.

The couple spent a few moments together before the ceremony.  They held hands around a wall and shared words.  Charles had to wait until the ceremony to see his bride, however.  The couple’s dog, dressed in a tuxedo was allowed to pass freely between them and was photographed with the bridal party and the groomsmen.

Samantha chose soft pink and deep purple as the colors for her special day.  Her bridesmaids wore dresses of deep purple in several different styles.  They carried bouquets of pink roses which matched the pink rose boutonnieres on the groom and his attendants.  The gentlemen’s ties matched the bridesmaids’ purple dresses, as did balls of flowers hanging from the white chairs lined up for the guests.  The aisles were spread with pink petals.  

Preceding the bride down the aisle was a darling flower girl and a charming ringbearer.  The flower girl’s dress featured a long pink tutu skirt and was paired with a pink cardigan.  The ringbearer was dressed like the groomsmen.  Then Samantha came down the aisle on the arm of her

Charles’ vows included the French fry story.  Samantha was so overwhelmed by what he said that she was awash with tears and could barely read her own vows.  Charles took the tear-stained paper where Samantha’s vows were written and tucked them in his pocket to keep.

As guests entered the reception they were asked to sign their name to a wedding tree and then leave a green fingerprint for the couple’s wedding keepsake.  White bunting surrounded the dance floor where the couple shared their first dance and then danced with their parents.

Toasts were shared and the couple cut their cake – a white confection of lacy tiers separated by mounds of pink roses.  As the couple enjoyed their dinner Charles told his bride with a great satisfaction, “Well, I’m married to you and that’s all that matters.”

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers

The day of Samantha and Charles wedding was beautiful and breezy.  You could see the wind blowing Samantha’s long hair and fingertip veil.  However, you don’t hear wind in the video, because LeniCam used multiple wireless and hand-held microphones to record the ceremony.  The microphones on the videocameras are designed to pick up ambient sounds, like the breeze blowing, birds singing and guests sneezing.  By recording the ceremony with other mics, we had clear audio to mix into the video during the editing process.

We used two cameras to record the ceremony.  One was at the back of the outdoor chapel to record the wedding from the audience’s point of view.  The second camera, on a special proprietary tripod, custom-designed by LeniCam, was hidden behind the bushes at the front of the chapel.  The tripod elevated the camera over the bushes to capture close-ups of the couple during the vows.

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