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Good Relations: Videographer  Recommends – Wedding DJ Chris Brown

The choices available to a bride for her wedding day can be overwhelming. The sky is your imagination’s only limit. The old rules no longer apply unless you want them. And then there’s the budget…

Where to Economize

As wedding day expenses mount up it’s understandable for a bride to look for ways to cut expenses. Many budget-busting brides decide to reduce the expense of a reception by cutting out the DJ. This can be a great money saver if you’re having a simple affair with only a few guests. However, the more guests you invite and the more activities you plan, the more you need a DJ.

What a DJ Does

A Wedding DJ is more than someone playing a little dance music. A Wedding DJ is your Master of Ceremonies. When guests begin to arrive at many receptions, the bride and groom are still back at the wedding venue taking pictures. A good DJ will be there to welcome your guests, make them comfortable and warm them up for fun times ahead.
As the evening progresses, the DJ will direct the guests to cocktail hour, invite them into dinner, announce the arrival of the bride and groom and then keep everyone aware of events like cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet.
Eventually there will be the formal First Dance and then the party really begins. You expect a DJ to have a good sound system. He also needs to be able to motivate your guests to the dance floor and show them a good time. When one type of music sends the dancers to their tables, a DJ needs to know how to get them back on the floor, so he’ll need to be familiar with a wide range of music. You may even want your DJ to spice up the night with contests and games.

Who Do You Call?

We suggest you call DJ Chris Brown. LeniCam videographers have had the opportunity to work with Chris at weddings and also at other functions. He’s a really nice guy who works hard to be a team player. That’s important on your wedding day. He’s got all kinds of experience, almost twenty years of it, at everything from professional hockey games with almost 20,000 fans to concerts with country singer, Blake Shelton. To quote Chris, “If there are 2 people or 2000 people in the room, your job is to make sure they have a good time.” That’s the kind of guy you want spinning tunes for your dance floor.

Whatever the size or atmosphere of your event, on your wedding day, you want to make lasting memories. We can capture the sights and sounds of your wedding and create a video you can treasure for years to come. Call us now at 972-378-0446 or email us and to set up your videography appointment.

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