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Margaret (Badjan) Ellis Presents Monthly Cooking Videos at

Margaret Ellis is really cooking now.  She recently kicked off a cookbook of Gambian-Inspired recipes called West African Perspective.  Now she’s launched her Classik Kitchen website with monthly video recipes.  You’ll want to check it out.

Cooking is More Than Food

For Margaret, cooking is more than a list of ingredients turned into a meal.  Cooking was the heart of her home back in Gambia, where everyone enjoyed the process of food preparation, even her father.  Though most men in Gambia spent their all free time with their friends, Margaret’s dad made time for family, too.  Margaret credits her mother’s cooking for the good times her family had in the kitchen.

When Margaret came to the States, she incorporated her mothers recipes and traditions into her own American home.  When she compared her family to the families around her, she noticed her own family seemed closer. She believes the recipes and practices she learned in her mother’s kitchen are what made the difference and tied the family together.  So she decided to share those traditions with others.

 Videos are More Than Recipes

For the month of September, Margaret introduced a tasty dish called Chicken Wing Soup.  It’s one of her favorites for a Friday night supper, because it rejuvenates and energizes her.  She invites the audience into her kitchen, along with a friend and a niece as they make the recipe.

Margaret’s cookbook embraces modern recipes as well as traditional West African dishes.  This month’s video recipe is a quick and easy stew made with familiar ingredients you’ll find at the corner grocery store, but the book also has traditional dishes straight from her mother’s kitchen.  Readers will enjoy a wide variety of choices.

As the food cooks on the video, Margaret chats with her guests about her recipes, her traditions and her philosophies.  She shares advice for romance and child-rearing, all the time she’s explaining delicious variations for the stew she”s making.  Foodies will enjoy the cooking, but anyone, foodie or not, can enjoy the kitchen banter.

Drop By Margaret’s Classik Kitchen

LeniCam is proud to be a part of this project.  We encourage you to visit Margaret’s Classik Kitchen via the miracle of the Internet.  We had a wonderful time recording the cooking sessions in her home and we know you will enjoy watching them.  We also know you’ll love her cookbook, so go to her website now to order your own.


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