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Brides have a lot of decisions to make, from how to announce their engagement to what stationary to choose for thank you notes. Selecting a wedding planner early in the process may be the best decision of all.

Do-It-Myself vs. Do-It-For-Me

When it comes to wedding planning, brides differ greatly. While some want do to it all themselves, there are just as many who want someone else to be in charge. Filling the gap between these extremes are all kinds of brides with varying attitudes.

No matter where you lie on this spectrum, a wedding planner is a great asset to your wedding. Whether your wedding is a small affair in your home or a gala society event, it could benefit from the expertise of a professional. In fact, if a tight budget is your primary concern, a savvy wedding planner can save you a lot more money than they cost, because they can steer you away from common costly pitfalls.

The Proof is in the Pudding

LeniCam Videographers attend a lot of weddings – many with planners on board, many without. Brides with wedding planners have weddings with these hallmarks:

• An absence of faux pas, social gaffes and chaos
• More unique features in the ceremony and celebrations
• Greater cooperation between venue staffs and service providers
• Calmer brides, grooms, families, officiants and wedding party members

But My Venue Has a Wedding Coordinator

Wedding coordinators and wedding planners have very different jobs. Wedding coordinators are provided by many venues to help a bride through her wedding day. These important people will bend over backwards to integrate your wedding ceremony and/or reception plans with their facility. Wedding planners know that getting married is more than a one day event. They guide you through every facet of wedding planning, from engagement party venues to a travel agent for your honeymoon.

But My Mother/Sister/Best-Friend is Going to Help Me

Having family and friends who want to help with your wedding is a great asset, but sometimes the closeness of those relationships can create awkward situations. Wedding planners can take the sting out of disagreements, differences of opinion and the need to say no. They keep you on track and on budget. Their only agenda is providing you the wedding experience you want to have.

Your Wedding – Your Way – Your Day

A good wedding planner puts you first – your budget, your taste, your traditions, your preferences, your sanity. They will be just as involved as you want them to be. If you want to do all the research and make all the decisions, then just have the planner execute your plans – they can do that. If you’d prefer someone take a few notes, plan your wedding and then send you the bill – they can do that too. You’re in charge and they’ll do it your way.

No matter how much help you get from a wedding planner before the wedding, nothing is more important than her presence on your big day. You can enjoy every moment without worrying how things will turn out or having to face some unexpected situation. Your planner will have it covered.

So Who Should I Call?

Brides in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex are very lucky. There are hundreds of wonderful wedding planners to turn to and many resources for finding them.

One of our favorites is Colleen Harkins Associates. She brings twenty years of wedding experience to your wedding. We’re always glad to discover Colleen is the planner of a wedding we’ll be filming. We know she’ll act as a liaison for us with the venue’s staff and with other vendors. We know we’ll be informed of everything we need to know ahead of time and if changes occur, we’ll know before they happen. In other words, we’ll know our job will be easier and our videos will be better because of Colleen.

Another important vendor for your wedding is your videographer. A wedding planner will help you have the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of. Your videographer will capture your day on a video you will treasure forever. Call us now at 972-378-0446 or email to set up your videography appointment.

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