Ying & Taylor Share Language and Love

Ying & Taylor Share Language and Love

Ashton Gardens in Corinth

When Taylor met Ying, she was actually his teacher.  After his graduation, the two began working at the same place.  They became friends and eventually began dating.  Taylor realized that he was always happier when Ying was around, so he proposed.  The couple was married at Ashton Gardens in Corinth.

Beautiful Ying wore a stunning gown.  Strapless with a sweetheart neckline and corset closing, the dress was made of yards and yards of shirred organza, set off just below the waist with a large floral decoration made from organza.  The center of the flower shone with crystals.

Ying accented her wedding day with bright coral.  She carried a bouquet of coral roses and coral rose petals lined the aisle of the chapel.  Her bridesmaids wore short coral chiffon dresses in a variety of styles.  The men wore coral ties and sported coral boutonnieres.

Ying’s mother walked her down the aisle.  As a part of the ceremony, the couple and their mothers took part in lighting a unique unity candle, which was a votive floating in a tall vase of water.  When given permission to kiss his bride, Taylor dipped her for a kiss.  The audience heartily approved.

After the ceremony, Nicole C. Leiser of A Love Story Photography joked with the family and participants as she posed them for portraits.  Then the couple enjoyed one of the treats of having your wedding and reception at Ashton Gardens.  They entered the reception by coming down the elegant long winding staircase framed by gold brocade and crystal chandeliers.

Ying and Taylor kicked off the reception with a choreographed dance which ended with a dip.  Their guests enjoyed a delicious buffet. Dessert choices included a chocolate wedding cake covered in white icing which appeared to be wrapped in lace ribbon and trimmed with coral roses.  Atop the cake was an ivory porcelain bride-and-groom figurine.  Guests could also choose from handmade chocolate truffles, cheese cake and other sweets.

Michael Furr of First Dance DJs kept the reception events rolling along while spinning tunes which filled the dance floor.  When guest needed a break, they could enjoy the photo booth with props provided by Create the Memories.

Ying’s Chinese heritage played an important role during the day.  Taylor shares a knowledge of her native language, so they often communicate in it.  Chinese symbols were used in decorations.  At the end of the reception, Ying changed into a full length red silk cheongsam to participate in a traditional tea service with her new husband, her mother and Taylor’s parents.

Ying and Taylor’s guests showered them with rose petals as they said their farewells.  Then the couple hopped into their car, decorated with red Chinese symbols for good luck, and drove away.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers

Ashton Gardens is one of our favorite venues for weddings.  Their marvelous wedding coordinators make our job much easier. Stephanie, who coordinated Ying and Taylor’s wedding is a perfect example.  She kept in touch with everyone throughout the day, making sure we all knew what was coming next.  That’s particularly important for us videographer to know, because it helps us to be set up to get the most critical moments of the day.

Another reason we love Ashton Gardens is the lovely chapel with its three big picture windows surrounding the ceremony and the guests.  The lovely wooded scenery makes a beautiful backdrop, but it doesn’t give a videographer anywhere to hide.  That’s no problem for us, because we’ve developed a proprietary remote control camera on a tall tripod which allows us to get tight close-ups of the couple during the vows without having a videographer up front, distracting from the view.

Since we like to be everywhere, all the time, as we record the sights and sounds of a wedding, while remaining virtually invisible to the participants and guests, we have another trick we find useful.  We put a wireless microphone on the groom’s lapel, so we don’t miss a word of the vows or of the couple’s banter during the reception.  At this wedding, since the couple often spoke in a dialect of Chinese, we weren’t able to understand what they were saying, but that doesn’t matter, because we read body language to decide how to shoot and edit.

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