Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

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Benu & Yazid Wedding Video Dallas

 Benu and Yazid at Mckinney's Bella Donna Chapel in Wedding Video Dallas A guest arriving at Benu and Yazid’s wedding might have a hard time believing they are anywhere in America.  The gorgeous Italianate stone chapel chosen for their ceremony sits on an island in a lake and can only be reached by crossing a footbridge.  The chapel is reminiscent of a time when holy places were lovingly wrought from stone by the hands of masons, through years and years of labor.  Benu and Yazid were married at Bella Donna Chapel in McKinney. Benu was a beautiful bride whose appearance Read more
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Cornelia and Cameron Wedding Video Dallas

Cornelia and Cameron in Wedding Video Dallas from Event 1013, Downtown Plano  Cameron, a love-sick sailor posted in Japan, was on the phone to Cornelia in the States, trying to convince her towards a more serious commitment.  Cornelia was having none of it.  She wanted to look him in the eye when he confessed his love for her. So, he arranged for her to travel to Japan. That’s when he won her heart.  Cornelia and Cameron were married in a beautiful wedding catered by Agnes Bowens of Affairs Amore at Event 1013 in Downtown Plano. At this wedding, the lovely Read more
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