Benu & Yazid Wedding Video Dallas

 Benu and Yazid at Mckinney’s Bella Donna Chapel in Wedding Video Dallas

A guest arriving at Benu and Yazid’s wedding might have a hard time believing they are anywhere in America.  The gorgeous Italianate stone chapel chosen for their ceremony sits on an island in a lake and can only be reached by crossing a footbridge.  The chapel is reminiscent of a time when holy places were lovingly wrought from stone by the hands of masons, through years and years of labor.  Benu and Yazid were married at Bella Donna Chapel in McKinney.

Benu was a beautiful bride whose appearance also suggested another place and time. Her abundant black tresses cascaded unfettered beyond her shoulders.  She wore a short-sleeved blouse and full skirt ornately beaded in the tradition of Indian sarees.  A long red beaded shawl hung elegantly between her arms.  Around her neck was an ornate necklace and many bracelet jingled at her wrists.  As she walked down the aisle a guest whispered, “She’s gorgeous.”

During their vows, the bride and groom gazed lovingly at one another.  When they turn to be introduced as man and wife, their smiles are radiant.  Then as they walk down the aisle hand in hand, Yazid face clouds for a moment as he realizes what he’s just done.  After great sigh, the smile returns threefold.  He’s obviously proud that he’s won the heart of such a beauty. He lifts their clasped hands, which hold Benu’s bouquet of red roses, and waves the bouquet in the air.  Outside the chapel a bell peals to celebrate the wedding, a Bella Donna Chapel tradition.  Thanks to Rachelle Buckner for coordinating another lovely wedding at the chapel.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Different brides want different things and have different priorities.  That’s why LeniCam offers a variety of packages, from one videographer at the ceremony only, to multiple videographers at multiple locations and extras such as BluRay, montages and love stories.  What’s more, we will customize our services to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Benu and Yazid just wanted a record of their ceremony and the space required only one camera.  Regardless of size, every event we film gets the full LeniCam treatment.  That means we arrived early to set up our equipment and brought plenty of backups.  We never let a low battery or defective part slow us down.  We carry multiples of everything.

During the event we were everywhere, capturing all the details.  We also tried to stay out of sight, so we didn’t distract from the bride and groom.  We used cinematography tricks as we filmed, edited and mixed the Dallas wedding video, so that it appears we shot from multiple locations.  The finished product is a high quality video every bit as beautiful as one shot with multiple videographers.

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