Amber and Dustin Wedding Videography Dallas TX

Amber and Dustin Wedding Videography Dallas TX – Gazebo Wedding at Meyers Park & Event Center in McKinney, Texas


In the distance you see an open-topped white carriage pulled by a pair of white horses through a rural setting with acres of green grass and large shade trees. As the carriage approaches you begin to make out the driver’s top hat. Then you realize the carriage is decorated with flowers and inside the carriage is a stunning brunette all dressed up for her wedding day. The beautiful bride is Amber, on her way to Dustin, for their lakeside gazebo wedding at McKinney’s Meyer Park and Event Center.

For her big day, Amber chose a strapless lace sheath with just a hint of flair at the bottom. The gown showed off an elaborate rose tattoo on her shoulder. The dress’s straight neckline showed off her crystal necklace and a satin ribbon emphasized her waist. The tulle fingertip veil was edged in crystals. Her shoes were a pair of high-heeled purple satin pumps to match her bouquet.

The wedding was a family affair. The bride was escorted to the altar by her older son. Her daughter served as bridesmaid. Waiting with the groom was the bride’s younger son and the groom’s son. After the vows the officiant performed bound their hands with purple and white ribbons. Then all the members of the new family participated in a sand pouring ceremony to symbolize their joining.

The new family took advantage of the lovely lakeside setting for some formal portraits and then rode away together in the carriage.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

This was a small wedding, so Amber chose our one-camera package. With only one camera available we had to strategically position ourselves to capture the very best scenes. Our first stop on her wedding day was Amber’s house, where she dressed for her nuptials. Then we moved to the park where the ceremony would be to capture her approach in the stately carriage. From that position, we switched our focus to the ceremony in the lakeside gazebo. Each change of vantage point required moving our equipment and readjusting the settings.

A video is more than a visual record. Sound is also important. The participants in this ceremony used a handheld microphone to amplify the spoken words and the microphone on our camera recorded the ambient sound. The guests at the wedding instinctively filtered out background sounds and tuned in to the ceremony. Technology does not have that instinctive filtering, so one of our most important jobs in the studio is editing the audio track and mixing it with the video track to make everything sound natural. The video editing for one-camera weddings is more precise, because we endeavor to emulate the look of multiple cameras. Amber and Dustin were very happy with our work.

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