Lindsey and Shawn Wedding Videography Dallas TX

Lindsey and Shawn Wedding Videography Dallas TX – Mediterranean Villa Wedding in Arlington

The handsome groom looked elegant in his ascot and tails.  The bride looked elegant too, but underneath her chic satin gown, thick blue socks kept her cowboy boots from rubbing against her shins.  Lindsey and Shawn had a fun-filled wedding at Mediterranean Villa in Arlington.

When Lindsey arrived at dusk, her head was ready for the wedding, but the rest of her was blue-jeaned.  In the bride’s room, a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline, shirred bodice and A-Line skirt made her look every inch the bride.  As she dressed a gift arrived from the groom – a large emerald cut diamond solitaire which sparkled around her neck throughout the evening.  Sparkling around the necklace was her crystal edged veil, crystal tiara, crystal chandelier earrings and a sash, which was heavily ornamented with crystals.

In Lindsey’s wedding party were several pint-sized attendants which added to the light-hearted atmosphere of the evening.  First came a tiny curly-headed flower girl, who needed a little adult supervision to make it down the aisle.  Next a tuxedoed lad sauntered in carrying a sign which read, “Uncle Shawn, Here Comes Your Bride.”  A pair of ring bearers were next, but the second ring bearer depended on the moral support of a second flower-girl, this one with a fancy up-do, to make it to the front.

The lovely Mediterranean Villa Chapel was beautifully decorated for the ceremony.  Huge urns of flowers flanked the bride and groom and behind the officiant was a row of tall crystal vases.  Some of the vases were full of floating orchids, topped off with a floating votive.  Others had pink tinted water with a floating votive.  The venue with its wrought-iron emblazoned stucco buildings and beautiful bronze fountain makes a wonderful backdrop for a wedding.

With the ceremony behind them, the couple and their guests cut loose at the reception.  Emerald City, a popular Dallas band, entertained the guests, but they had vocal assists from the bride and groom throughout the evening.   If your dancing shoes were hurting your feet you could take a break in the photo booth.  It started out with many crazy props for impromptu portraits, but the props eventually migrated to the dance floor.

When it came time for the garter toss, the groom pranked his slender bride.  He came out from under her gown with a pair of red underpants that would wrap three times around his tiny new wife.  Once the laugh was over, he dove back under the skirt of her wedding dress to get the garter, but Lindsey had to help him get it by taking off her boot.

At the end of the evening, guests waved purple glow sticks as the bride and groom made their way out of the building.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

During Lindsey and Shawn’s wedding our videographers were tasked with being everywhere all the time, recording everyone and everything, while remaining virtually invisible to the participants and guests.  To accomplish this, they arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony and unloaded cases and cases of equipment.  Some people think all you need to record a wedding is a consumer model DSLR camera with a video feature.  If you do it that way, your result will not be a full-length cinemagraphic video like ours.

Any live band creates extra work on our part, because we’ve got to record all the audio as well as the action on the dance floor.  When Emerald City is the band, we know we’ll have a lot to film, because they always keep the dance floor full.  At the same time, we also know they’ll give us an audio file at the end of the evening, so that makes things easier.

 This highlight video is just a small sample of Lindsey and Shawn’s actual wedding video.  Two experienced videographers e used two professional grade HD videocameras on tripods and a wide variety of audio equipment to record the sights and sounds of this wedding.  Then we went back to our studio with hours and hours of footage and spent weeks editing and mixing the footage to create the couple’s unique video.

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