Being Your Best for Your Wedding Video

Dallas Wedding Videographer

Videographer for Dallas Wedding Video Wants You to Look Your Best

The Dallas Bridal Show

Last weekend was the Dallas Bridal Show at Market Hall.  We met many wonderful brides who want a wedding video over those two days – as well as many grooms, moms, best friends and bridesmaids.  We also took time to walk through the show and meet with the vendors.

Of course there were wedding planners, venues, photographers and stationers all the usual wedding trades.  What surprised us was the number of vendors who were there specifically for the bride, to help her be her absolute best on her wedding day:  day spas, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, weight loss systems, physical trainers and many more.  We’d seen a few of these kinds of vendors in the past, but their numbers had multiplied greatly.

Looking Your Best

Planning a wedding is a very stressful project.  A day at the spa could help ease the burden.  Add to that the idea that a wedding day is the first day of a new life and a bride might want to go into that new life with a fresh outlook.  Perhaps weight gain has always been an issue or getting rid of a pair of glasses has been a long time goal.  That makes great sense.

But before you dip too deeply in your wedding budget to completely remake yourself, stop and remember your fiance fell in love with you just the way you are.  That’s the woman he wants to marry.  That’s the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  Scrimping on your wedding day to look good for the camera might be a misuse of funds.

The Wedding Video

We listen to our couples after the first peek at their wedding video.  They talk about how wonderful it is to share the activity before the wedding when they were separated.  They love the footage we have of beloved family members and friends.  They enjoy the humor they missed in the stress of the day.  They recognize how precious the toasts are and how little of them they comprehended when the toasts were first made.  They are grateful our videographers spend time at the reception recording well wishes from their guests.

One of our favorite moments in a wedding is when the doors open and the groom sees the bride.  The groom’s expression and whispered phrase usually tell more about his love for his bride than all the vows he makes over the course of the ceremony.  In every video it’s clear, the groom is enchanted by his bride.

So how can you look best on your wedding day?  A good nights sleep, plenty of fluids and some aerobic exercise to fight the nerves and stress – those are the keys to looking good on your wedding day.  Well, that and the right people behind the camera.  As videographers we know that they type equipment used, the lighting, the audio equipment and the experience of the videographer make all the difference in your wedding video.  Contact us at or 972-378-0446.


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