Bree and Robert by Videographer for Dallas Texas

Videographer for Dallas Texas Captures Bree and Webb at Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas

When Webb joined Bree’s study group, he wanted to improve his calculus grade.  He didn’t realize he was also going to improve his love life.  Bree and Webb were married at Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas’ beautiful Preston Hollow area and were captured by videographer for Dallas wedding.

Christ the King is a stunning venue for a wedding.  The colorful stained glass windows, marble parquet floors and elaborate chandeliers, with their triple-crown motif, provide an elegant backdrop for nuptials.  Wedding coordinator, Colleen Harkins, produced a polished event.

The lovely bride with her winning smile and big brown eyes was even more stunning than the setting of her wedding.  Her beautiful jewel encrusted gown was fit for a princess.  In this highlights video we see Bree in a t-shirt coming to the church with her gown over her arm.  Then she is transformed by the ornate gown with its corset lacing and magnificent gown.

The formal Catholic ceremony with its readings and communion service was complimented by its regal surroundings.  A string quartet playing classical music completed the opulent tone of the wedding.  After the ceremony, the newly married couple climbed into a sleek black limousine.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions, Videographer for Dallas Wedding

A resplendent wedding like Bree and Webb’s is made up of many parts and on the day of the event it would be impossible for any spectator to take in all aspects.  LeniCam videographers worked as a team to capture all the parts making a seamless whole, which could be enjoyed long into the future.  We arrived early to capture the bride as she arrived.  We got exterior shots of the venue, so viewers of the video can remember all the magnificent details. We recorded from various angles so you could see the entire wedding party, as well as the bride’s face as she pledged her love to her groom.

For a wedding video, sounds are as important as the visual aspects.  Vidographer for Dallas wedding uses special noise-reducing, wireless microphones to pick up a variety of audio feeds.  Then back at our studios we weave the audio portions in to the video footage, pulling together a video that encompasses more of the wedding than any guest was able to enjoy.

We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

LeniCam Video Productions – Videographer for Dallas Texas



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