Jackie and Joey at Christ the King Catholic Church

Jackie and Joey at Christ the King Catholic Church and Belo Mansion

Jackie looked more beautiful  on her wedding day than any celebrity bride gracing the pages of a gossip magazine.  The radiant bride’s lace off-the-shoulder gown and cathedral length lace veil would have been the highlight of any starlet’s movie wardrobe.  Waiting for her at the altar was her leading man in the distinctive Marine dress uniform.  Jackie married Joey in an elegant ceremony at the ornate Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas captured by videographer Dallas Wedding.

Many brides want to surprise their groom with their attire on their wedding day, but Joey, who was supposed to wear a tux, got the drop on Jackie at this wedding.  She was thrilled with his wardrobe surprise.  As the couple stood together before the priest you could almost see the electricity pass between them.  They did not seem to be able to get enough of the sight of each other.

Christ the King is a gorgeous church and on this wedding day it looked even more dazzling.  The pews were hung with floral decorations draped in lace.  Lace also covered the altar.  Flowers and lace were everywhere.

The handsome couple’s ceremony included music from a trumpet and pipe organ, as well as a splendid vocal solo.  They participated in lighting a unity candle and in a lassoing with crystal rosaries and lace.  Joey offered a gift of coins to symbolize his dedication to providing for his home and family.  Jackie accepted the coins with the promise that she would use what he provided with care.

When the priest declared them man and wife, one embrace was not enough for Joey.  After the ceremony the couple climbed into a vintage car and joined their guests at the Belo Mansion in Dallas’s Arts District.  For the reception Joey changed into the tuxedo Jackie thought he would be wearing for the ceremony.  The couple was stunning regardless of the wardrobe choices.

Jackie and Joey’s wedding not only looked like part of a Hollywood movie; the tribute her father made to the groom would be perfect for any script.  “He’s the kind of guy you always wish your daughter would marry.”  Other details of the day were also Hollywood-worthy, but what was most evident throughout the day was that this marriage was deeply rooted in a tradition of close family ties and the couple intended to carry the tradition into the future.

The bride and groom serenaded one another in perfect pitch during their first dance.  The bride’s cake looked as if it were draped in jeweled satin bows.  The groom’s cake was a tribute to the Marines.  During the cutting of the bride’s cake, Joey behaved perfectly, but with a twinkle of his eye, after Jackie fed him a bite of the chocolate groom’s cake, he fed himself another bite.

A live band entertained the guests after the delicious dinner and the floor was constantly packed with energetic dancers keeping time with the throbbing beat.  The groom and some of his pals snuck out on the balcony for celebratory cigars.  Everyone was having a grand old time.

At the end of the evening, the couple climbed down the imposing stairs of the luxurious mansion and into a waiting Cinderalla carriage.  As they rode away into the night there’s a sense that this was a marriage made in heaven.

Behind the Scene with LeniCam Video Productions

Jackie and Joey had a lot happening on their wedding day.  It took two cameramen and a wide variety of equipment to capture it all.  We were particularly glad to have two videocameras in the gorgeous sanctuary of Christ the King Church.  One camera with a nine foot tripod was in the back to record the overall glory of the venue.  Up front we hid in an alcove to get close-ups of the couple as they gazed eagerly into one another’s eyes, without having to have a cameraman at the altar with them.

We arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony to set up our cameras.  Churches like Christ the King, which are popular with brides, often have strict rules about where we can put our vidoegraphers and our cameras.   Our proprietary camera allows us to get shots we’d miss otherwise, because the camera can be hidden more easily than a cameraman.  We also hooked up to the sound system and placed microphones in strategic points to capture the sounds of the day, like the Scripture readings and musical solos.  The most important microphone was a wireless mic on the groom’s lapel.  Without we were able to clearly capture the couple’s vows and their serenade to one another during the first dance.

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