Brittany and Chris by Videographer for Dallas Texas

Videographer for Dallas Texas Captured Brittany and Chris at Lamar Baptist Church and the Cacharel Grand Ballroom in Arlington, TX

It started in high school.  Brittany shook her pom poms with the cheer squad, while Chris played on the football team. She sang in the choir at his father’s church. Somewhere along the way they started dating and went to college together at Mary Hardin Baylor. They both graduated early.  Then on a beautiful day in Arlington, Texas, Brittany and Chris were married at Lamar Baptist Church.

This fairy tale romance is true and Brittany looked like a fairy princess for her storybook day.  Her beautiful strapless gown, encrusted with lace and jewels, featured a rose colored sash at her tiny waist. A sparkling broach held the sash in place.  A diadem glistened in her soft blonde curls and a tulle veil, trimmed in lace and crystals, cascaded to her fingertips.

Special touches were choreographed into Brittany and Chris’s day.  As guests arrived and signed the register, a crystal Cinderella carriage introduced the storybook theme and hinted that a beautiful girl might be riding in a pumpkin-shaped carriage before the day was over.  In the sanctuary before the ceremony, guests enjoyed a Love Story Video produced by LeniCam Video Productions.  Chris’s grandfather was the presiding minister.  Befitting the light-hearted motif, bridesmaids and groomsmen entered the church in pairs and at the front of the church, offered brief Broadway-like vignettes.

Though Brittany and Chris’s wedding was full of fun, it also solemnized a magnificent love.  During the First Look, Chris called Brittany “the most beautiful thing in the world,” adding “I don’t think you can get much more gorgeous than that.”  Brittany too, was smitten by her intended.  As she pledged her love her emotions flashed between peals of laughter and barely contained tears.  In vows written for one another, the depth of their love for one another and their love for God sang in each line.

After the ceremony, the wedding celebrants moved to the reception at the Cacharel Grand Ballroom, which offers a great view of Six Flags.  The view just got better as the evening progressed and the amusement park began to light up the night.

In the ballroom, fun was also lighting up the night.  The bride and groom performed a rollicking First Dance routine to kick things off.  Spirits stayed high, right until the moment the storybook princess and her handsome prince climbed aboard the horse-drawn Cinderella coach and rode off into the night.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions, Videographer for Dallas Texas

Brittany and Chris had a busy day.  From First Look to First Dance and then a fairytale coach pulling off in to the night, videographer for Dallas wedding was busy too.  Many of the vignettes we wanted to record happened simultaneously, but in different parts of the venue.  Some shots had to be recorded from multiple angles.  Equipment was set up for the ceremony and then moved to the reception site.  To capture sound, a variety of audio feeds were connected and wireless microphones were hidden on podiums and lapels.

Videographer for Dallas wedding activity at the wedding is just the beginning of the DVD.  The Love Story footage, the raw wedding footage and the many audio recordings from Brittany and Chris’s day were taken back to our studio where they were meticulously edited and mixed.   The proof copy was delivered to the newly married couple for further editing requests.

Even after the completed DVD was delivered to Brittany and Chris, videographer for Dallas wedding was not over.  We uploaded highlights to our website for friends and family to view and download.  Finally, everything was stored on our secure server so that no matter what happen to your wedding DVD, your memories are safe with us.

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