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A Country Wedding on a Family Farm in videos Wedding Dallas

Brooke and Eland – A Wedding in the Country

The chapel’s ceiling was a blue sky.  The floor a carpet of green grass.  Guests sat on hay bales, shading their eyes with fans.  Brooke and Eland were married on Brooke’s family farm outside Gainesville, Texas.

Brooke took great pains to comply with bridal traditions.  Her something old was her grandma’s diamond necklace.  For something new, she and her fiancé bought matching green cowboy boots. Stud earrings fulfilled the need for something blue.  In her boot was a penny from her father marked with the year she was born.  She looked lovely in her strapless, drop-waisted ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and ruffled skirt.

Since Green is Eland’s last name, Brooke chose the color green for her wedding.  Along with his green boots, Eland wore a bright green shirt.  The green grass was complimented by balls of green flowers hanging at the end of each row of hay bales.  In Brooke’s bouquet of calla lilies the foliage stood out green against the white flowers and her white dress.

With a nod to their farmland heritage Brooke and Eland participated in a knot tying ceremony during their vows.  Each of them took a length of rope and they tied the pieces together.  The minister explained the ropes represented the couple’s lives before the ceremony and that from now on, the ropes would act as one and could not be separated.

After a flurry of photographs everyone moseyed over to the reception where a pair of beautiful cakes waited.  The groom’s cake was chocolate and the wedding cake stood three layers tall.  Each layer of the wedding cake was covered in lacy patterns of white icing and calla lilies cascaded down the side.

The couple cut the first piece of their cake together.  When Brooke picked up the first piece to feed to Eland, a look of mischief crossed her face.  Eland realized he was in trouble, so he began to run.  The couple’s laughter assured everyone that the food fight was all in fun.  Soon the couple was dancing on the green lawn.

As the day drew to a close, Brooke and Eland ran through showers of birdseed tossed at them from their guests.  Then they climbed into a pick-up truck and rode off into the sunset.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

We love outdoor weddings like Brooke and Eland’s, even if they require us to work a little harder.  We know all the lighting adjustments we’ll make during the filming and all the sound editing in the studio will result in a memorable wedding video.  And since outdoor venues are always more spread out than indoor venues, we also get a lot of good exercise.

At an indoor wedding, the lights may be too bright or too low, but once we’ve adjusted our cameras to compensate for the situation, we know we’ll have great footage.  At this outdoor wedding we were adjusting for the lighting all the time.  The sun was at one position when we set up our equipment, and when the ceremony started, it had moved.  Then there are segments where the bride and groom move from one place to another, passing through both open and shaded areas.  Our settings had to change as they moved from light to dark and then back into the light.  Faces can also be hard to capture in sunlight, but our many years of experience have taught us just how to get great quality shots, even in situations which seem impossible.

This outdoor wedding has many distracting noises recorded on the original footage, like traffic and animal noises.  One of the ways we overcame these was by putting a wireless microphone on the groom and the officiant.  The microphones on the cameras picked up the ambient noises.  By editing and mixing all the tracks we created a natural feel to the video while focusing on the words of the ceremony.

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