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Marble Slab Ice Cream Sweetens Fort Worth Wedding Reception by Videos Wedding Dallas

Laura and Justyn – Hallmark Baptist Church in Fort Worth

“I’ve hear there’s ice cream if you smile,” Laura promised some young fellows as they posed for post-ceremony photos.  She wasn’t kidding.  The reception was a dream- come-true for anyone with a sweet tooth, young or old.  Laura married Justyn at Hallmark Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

Laura looked lovely in her strapless lace gown with straight neckline, elaborately ornamented belt and corset closing. Her multilayered tulle veil was edged in lace and her crystal and pearl jewelry was in a unique art deco setting.  Her bridesmaids wore soft chiffon dresses in a bright blue and carried mixed bouquets.

The sanctuary of the church was all dressed up for the ceremony, too.  Fluffy bows with bouquets of jeweled orange blossoms, calla lilies and handmade blue roses graced the pews.  The stage of the church was decorated with baskets of flowers, white tapers in a large candelabra and an arch twined with white roses.  As Laura came down the aisle she gave her mother a rose.  The ceremony seemed to be progressing without a hitch, until the groom turned to the best man for the ring.  The best man patted down his pockets and appeared to be in a panic.  Then another groomsman discovered a stuffed bear in a Baylor sweater nearby, which just happened to have a pair of rings on a ribbon around his neck.  The groom looked a little confused at the situation until Laura pointed out the rings.  Then Justyn turned to the audience and said, “Everything’s OK.”

Between the ceremony and the reception, the photographer lined the families and wedding party up for photos.  At one point, Laura and Justyn got the chance to sit down for a brief respite.  Tired, but happy, they put their heads together and the groom said, “We did it!”

The reception was truly a sweet event.  Marble Slab Creamery was there to make the promised ice cream sundaes.  A buffet of finger food featured a chocolate fountain.  The wedding cake was three of gracefully iced tiers topped with a porcelain bride and groom figurine.  Like the bear with the rings, the chocolate groom’s cake was a whimsical homage to their alma mater.  Decorated with yellow flowers and green trimming, this cake also had a bride and groom figurine, but this couple was a pair of bears.   The couple served another tribute to their school: green punch.

Friends filled the air with bubbles for the couple’s farewell, as Justyn dipped Laura deeply for a kiss.  The pair was not able to escape as quickly as they anticipated, because their friends had decorated their car and filled it with balloons.  As the couple drove away, the crowd could see the rolls of toilet paper and soda cans which had been tied to the car’s bumper.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Our videographers arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony.  As soon as the equipment was unloaded and set up, we started recording the pre-ceremony activities.  During the ceremony we kept two cameras focused on the couple, so we wouldn’t miss anything, and to be sure we captured every word of their vows, we attached a wireless microphone to Justyn’s lapel.

We kept the cameras rolling through the photo sessions where we recorded some of the couple’s endearing comments.  Then we moved on to the ceremony to capture all the delightful details Laura planned for her guests.  We were there until the toilet paper festooned car drove away.  Then we gathered up our equipment and headed back to our studios.

Over the next few weeks we went through the audio and video footage we’d recorded, editing and mixing as we went along, to create Laura and Justyn’s unique wedding video.  Then we delivered the demo to the couple for their edits.  The finished product was something they both loved.

Our job wasn’t over, yet.  We delivered five complete videos to the couple which were customized to the couples specifications.  We uploaded this highlight video for family and friends to view and download.  Then we saved everything on our secure server, just in case it’s ever needed.

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