Callie & Drew in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

Videography Wedding Dallas TX Captures Callie and Drew’s Big Day

Callie and Drew at Grandview Church of Christ

Drew and Callie went on a mission trip together nine years ago and last June Drew called Callie to rekindle the acquaintance. He said he knew Callie was the one he’d marry, “If she’d have me,” because she was “the best woman he’d ever met” and “pretty good looking.” He credited her parents for his bride’s fine upbringing and appreciated the way her easy-going manner balanced his more intense emotions. Callie and Drew were married at Grandview Church of Christ in Grandview, Texas, (link to church and city).

Callie wore a chic white gown with a sleek modern look. The unadorned white satin hugged her torso and flared out into a full skirt. Tiny buttons trailed down the back and the straight bodice featured a beaded cuff at the top, set off with a small white satin bow. The simplicity of the ensemble was enhanced by the fingertip tulle veil trimmed in crystals. Her bouquet featured gerbera daisies in pink and white. Her bridesmaids wore short black dresses and carried white hydrangeas.

The couple chose to enjoy a First Look before the festivities began. Drew was so spellbound by the appearance of his bride that he had to be reminded to stand up. Gathering Callie into his arms all he could do was comment on how beautiful she was.
The charming little church was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The aisle was lined in white petals and candles. The pews were hung with bouquets of white flowers. The front of the church was hung with swags of sheer white drapes. To begin the ceremony a trio of young boys carried a sign warning their Uncle Drew that his bride was on the way.

After the vows the families gathered for a photo session full of fun and laughter. A reception followed in the church’s social hall. The wedding cake was a confection of white buttercream icing swirled around and around the tiers to resemble ribbons. An accompanying chocolate groom’s cake was topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries. Surrounding the cakes was a buffet of other treats provided by friends and family. Everyone had joined together to create a special day for Callie and Drew.

Callie and Drew fed one another first bites of their cakes and toasted one another with flutes of pink punch. The single women showed a lot more interest in the bouquet toss than the guys did in the garter. The couple said farewell to their guests under a shower of white petals.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

On Callie and Drew’s wedding day, two of our videographers made their way to the small town of Grandview. After unloading their gear and setting up in the sanctuary of the church, they roved the facility to capture the pre-ceremony activities like The First Look. Since Callie knew her brief reception in the church’s facilities would not take up as much of our time as we usually contract for, we agreed to arrive earlier than usual to make time for shots of downtown Grandview. We like to work with our brides to customize our services to their needs.

We’d been warned by the bride that her photographer liked to shoot with ambient light and we weren’t supposed to get in his way. We weren’t surprised to hear the warning, because many photographers are concerned about vying with videographers for the same space during a wedding. We weren’t worried, because photographers love us and many of our referrals come from photographers who have worked with us. We assured Callie everything would be all right.

Callie’s photographer discovered he was actually glad we were there. We allowed him to take the lead and set up the First Look. That’s when he discovered the lamps on our cameras filled in the light he required without the need for flash. Flash has no depth of field, but our lights mimic ambient light. During the ceremony, we had one camera at the back of the church and another hiding between the sheer drapes. The photographer happily shared our lights for his shots during the ceremony and during his photo session afterwards, he even asked us to keep our lights on to help the quality of his shots.

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