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Online Wedding Registries Make It Easy

Wedding gifts – part of the fun of getting married, right?  Well, maybe so…or maybe not.

Wedding gifts are a hangover from the time when the size of a woman’s dowry was part of her attraction.  Thankfully, those days are over, but gift-giving has remained an important part of wedding traditions.  According to Wikipedia, Marshall Field’s in Chicago was the first retailer to offer the service of wedding registries.  Since then the idea has spread throughout the retail industry and most retailers offer gift registries – and for a lot more than just wedding gifts.

Of course, with the introduction of the internet, online registries were a natural progression.  Wikipedia says Target pioneered the innovation back in the nineties, but it seems marriage is changing even faster than technology these days.  While some brides may still pick out a china pattern to match their silver, more and more couples set up housekeeping long before they register for crystal and even more want simpler lives without the need to polish their silver tea service.

Major department stores, like Nordstrom’s and J.C.Penney’s, very much want your wedding business and they’ll be happy to register you online, in the middle of the night, while you’re wearing your pjs. Lo and behold, there are also gift registries completely unrelated to department stores, like, and  These registries offer options beyond matching towels and a tortilla warmer.

The new independent registries offer the opportunity to ask for what you want – even if it’s not for sale in any store.  Some couples, of a philanthropic mindset, request donations to a favorite charity as their gift of choice.  Others use gift registries to crowd fund experiences they want to have -and that’s how your wedding videography dream can come true.

A wedding can be a very expensive undertaking, especially when the dress alone could cost more than a good used car.  Whatever your budget, items invariably have to be taken off your wish list.  Brides sometimes call us to tell us they won’t be able to afford us.  Usually we can work things out by cutting down the range of services we perform, but when that’s not possible, it breaks our hearts.

Videography is the one thing on your wish list that will preserve all the sights and sounds of your wedding day.  If there is no videographer on hand, the memories of a wedding day begin to fade as soon as you drive away from the reception.  Videography does more than capture the your individual memories.  On your wedding day, we’re everywhere, capturing everything.  Your wedding video will allow the groom to see special moments in the bride’s dressing room, the bride can see what the groom was up to before the wedding and that’s just the beginning.  All our couples tell us how exciting it is to finally see all of the day they had planned together for so long.

If wedding videography is what you really want, then ask for it.  Go online and register for your wedding videographer to be crowd funded.  Friends and family will be thrilled to participate and everyone can stay in their budget.  Just be sure to let them know that you want LeniCam Video Productions on your wedding day.



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