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Kitchenware Sales Presentation in a Dallas Corporate Video This example of sales training for a kitchenware specialty store exemplifies how a Dallas Corporate Video from LeniCam Video Productions can simplify the training of your staff.  You record it once and the training is available anytime for anyone on your staff.  A video also insures consistency in the way the staff is trained.   Here is the completed video of the second day session. [wpvideo wMVZryU0 w=640]   LeniCam Video Productions - Dallas Corporate Videographer Read more
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Nutraspace – Dallas Corporate Video

Dallas Corporate Video for Nutraspace This is a fully edited commercial used to launch a new website. LeniCam shot the footage, captured the screen shots of the web page, animated the actions,  purchased b roll footage, hired the voice over talent, selected the music, and fully edited for the client.   [wpvideo Depa7XAR w=640] LeniCam Video Productions - Dallas Corporate Video Read more
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Clublocal – Dallas Corporate Video

Meetings Recorded on Dallas Corporate Video for Clublocal Many companies can benefit from the videotaping of their meetings.  Nothing is lost and footage can be referred to at anytime.  LeniCam can take care of it all for you. These were recorded for an out of town client and are NOT edited. These were recorded in the back of a restaurant. We provided the light, the hairlight, microphone. The client was asking the questions. We made suggestions on the backdrop, which resulted in the client bringing in their color balloons. Sample 1   [wpvideo kJA8mzeI w =640]   Sample 2   [wpvideo Po0lHTf7 w=640] LeniCam Video Productions - Dallas Corporate Video Read more
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Breakout Presentation – Dallas Corporate Video

Breakout Presentation captured in Dallas Corporate Video This Dallas Corporate Video is a short excerpt from a presentation that we recorded with the purpose of it being included on a dvd with a book.   We set up the setting in the room, the plant, the location of the podium etc. We had lights on stands from multiple angles to have a soft set up shadows to  make her look natural. We had two camera angles, so that we could cut between the two angles to remove any stumbles in her speech. [wpvideo IvTO409e w=640] LeniCam Video Productions - Dallas Corporate Video Read more
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Helicopter Lift in Corporate Video Dallas TX

Corporate Video Dallas TX Documents Helicopter Lift for Contractor The lessor of office space needed to prove to their building management that  no damage was done during the installation of air conditioner units on the roof of a downtown Dallas office building.  Dallas Corporate Video solves the problem. The general contractor needed to document the safety precautions to protect pedestrians and other property for insurance purposes. The general contractor was thrilled with this video. [wpvideo xRoWAm9y]   LeniCam Video Productions - Corporate Video Dallas TX     Read more
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Corporate Video Dallas Website Promo

Corporate Video Dallas Promotes Alternative Health Information for Website Nutraspace, a leader in Alternative Health information, asked Corporate Video to put together some promotional videos about their new health website. [wpvideo dLNnwJtB w=640] This was a promotional we produced that was used to promote their phone application.   [wpvideo FQcD0KwM] Here is the longer informercial we produced. Read more
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Happiness Coach – Corporate Video Dallas

Corporate Video Dallas Introduces Happiness Coach Service Gayle asked us to put together a number of different promotional videos for her Happiness Coach Series.   [wpvideo 9bVVcK5E] And   [wpvideo fT6Tj9z9] Above are two of them. You will notice how all aspects support the theme she is trying to show. Designed, set up, shot and edited by LeniCam Video Productions. LeniCam Video Productions - Corporate Video Dallas Read more
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Sales Meeting Opener – Corporate Video Dallas

Corporate Video Dallas Opens Sales Meeting This was an opener video to an annual sales meeting kickoff.   [wpvideo phvWgeXN]   This was rough scripted by the client and shot in their office with actual employees. We set up the audio, the shooting, edited and added sound effects. LeniCam Video Productions - Corporate Video Dallas       Read more
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