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Kitchenware Sales Presentation in a Dallas Corporate Video This example of sales training for a kitchenware specialty store exemplifies how a Dallas Corporate Video from LeniCam Video Productions can simplify the training of your staff.  You record it once and the training is available anytime for anyone on your staff.  A video also insures consistency in the way the staff is trained.   Here is the completed video of the second day session.
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Nutraspace – Dallas Corporate Video

Dallas Corporate Video for Nutraspace This is a fully edited commercial used to launch a new website. LeniCam shot the footage, captured the screen shots of the web page, animated the actions,  purchased b roll footage, hired the voice over talent, selected the music, and fully edited for the client.  
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Clublocal – Dallas Corporate Video

Meetings Recorded on Dallas Corporate Video for Clublocal Many companies can benefit from the videotaping of their meetings.  Nothing is lost and footage can be referred to at anytime.  LeniCam can take care of it all for you. These were recorded for an out of town client and are NOT edited. These were recorded in the back of a restaurant. We provided the light, the hairlight, microphone. The client was asking the questions. We made suggestions on the backdrop, which resulted in the client bringing in their color balloons. Sample 1  
  Sample 2  
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Breakout Presentation – Dallas Corporate Video

Breakout Presentation captured in Dallas Corporate Video This Dallas Corporate Video is a short excerpt from a presentation that we recorded with the purpose of it being included on a dvd with a book.   We set up the setting in the room, the plant, the location of the podium etc. We had lights on stands from multiple angles to have a soft set up shadows to  make her look natural. We had two camera angles, so that we could cut between the two angles to remove any stumbles in her speech.
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How to Choose A Videographer for your Dallas Corporate Videos

Dallas Corporate Videos Need the Right Videographer If you want quality corporate videos to use for your business, then you need to find the right videographer in Dallas for the job. Finding a videographer is not hard since there are so many of them out there. The tricky part is weeding out the good ones from the bad. After all, the last thing you’d want is to pay a company for their videography services and then end up with a video that’s way below your expectations. Here are some things to consider to make sure that you find the right videographer to produce Read more
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