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Chinye and Osagie in Dallas Wedding Video

Chinye and Osagie at the Marty Leonard Chapel and Mira Vista Country Club in Fort Worth

“You can’t kiss me yet,” Chinye warned when Osagie spontaneously hugged her during their vows. The kiss would come later and what a kiss is was! Chinye and Osagie were married at the beautiful and architecturally-significant Marty Leonard Chapel  in Fort Worth, Texas .

For her wedding day Chinye chose a white satin ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, worn with a short-sleeved bolero jacket. The shirred fabric of her drop-waist bodice hugged her torso and a jeweled belt emphasized her waistline. Opaque appliquéd flowers dusted her sweetheart neckline. On the full skirt of the gown, shirred satin eased into softer folds strewn with pearls.

Chinye’s bridesmaids wore sleeveless chiffon gowns in a rich plum color. The honor attendant wore the same gown in lavender. The attendants carried bouquets of white hydrangeas and stepped out in sliver shoes. The bride’s bouquet was filled with plum and lavender roses.

The wedding ceremony began with a parade of rambunctious young fellows in tuxedos carrying a series of signs informing Uncle Osagie that his bride, Aunt Chinye, was about to appear. The doors of the chapel were closed as the flower girl in her frilly white ball gown solemnly made her way down the aisle. Then the doors opened for the beautiful bride.
The audience was filled with guests wearing colorful cultural clothing inspired in Africa. The bride’s family wore deep blues and purples, while the groom’s side favored crimson and peach. Everyone sang lovely hymn accompanied by a live harpist.

Chinye carried the music into her vows by singing a passage from Lamentations to her groom, but she was too emotional to finish on her own. The congregation joined her for the final portion as her anxious groom wiped away her copious tears. She bravely continued by reading a passage from the Book of Ruth. During Osagie’s vows he promised to provide “very tender loving care,” something he’d already demonstrated when he wiped away her tears. Coming to the end of his vows he was so overcome with emotion that he grabbed his bride up in a hug – that’s when she warned him to save the kiss for later.

The couple included the lighting of a unity candle in their service, leaving the tapers of each family glowing after the unity candle was lit to indicate that their strong family ties would continue. Then finally it was time for the kiss.
Osagie grabbed his bride up in a passionate embrace which caused the young groomsmen to react with exaggerated animation, jumping into the air and hiding their eyes. The audience voiced their approval and as the kiss continued, the maid of honor exclaimed, “Alright! Get it on!”

All that Chinye could say after being released from the extended embrace was, “Oh Baby!” The couple’s joy was so great they danced through their guests during their exit.

Between the ceremony and reception the newly married couple was joined by their wedding party for formal photos. The exuberant nephews were irrepressible, climbing all over the bride and groom as the photographer struggled to get the perfect shot. Finally everyone reunited at Mira Vista Country Club for the lively reception.

A towering cake of lacy icing with purple orchids cascading down the side dominated the room. After cutting their cake, sharing a first dance and tossing the bouquet and garter, the bride and groom made a wardrobe change, returning to the room in outfits in the African tradition. Chinye wore a headdress and top in plum matched with a white wrap skirt and shawl. Osagie was all in white. As they stepped onto the floor and began to dance, their guests rushed to crowd around them, showering them with money.
The couple made another wardrobe change, this time choosing cultural clothes in various tones of brown, the color they had chosen for the new family they had formed. Their guest waved sparklers as the couple made their way to a beautiful white Camaro convertible and drove off into the night.

 Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Our videographers captured this sweet ceremony with a pair of professional grade HD videocameras. One of the cameras was our custom-designed proprietary camera. That’s how we got the intimate shots of the couple’s vows and captured the exuberant responses of the wedding party to that kiss. It seems as if our cameraman must have been standing just behind Osagie, but instead our camera was hidden from sight among the beautiful floral arrangements and the cameraman did his work remotely from the back of the church, watching the scene unfold on a monitor.

We were able to clearly record Chinye’s voice as it faded away during her sung hymn, because we had a wireless microphone of Osagie’s lapel. The microphones on the cameras picked up the soft voices of the congregation as they finished the psalm. In the video it flows smoothly, just as it did at the ceremony, however, the effect was only achieved by careful editing and mixing.

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LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Video

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