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Wedding Videos Dallas

A Sample of Wedding Traditions We’ve Captured on Video

Travel the World with LeniCam Video Productions

Wedding Videos in Dallas Cover the World

Is all this bad weather giving you cabin fever?  It’s certainly gotten us thinking about warmer climates.  Through the magic of video we’ve captured weddings featuring cultural and religious traditions from all over the world, including many from countries that enjoy warm weather all the time.

Along with vows and first dances, we’re also documenting unique wedding customs from around the globe.  People move to Dallas from every corner of the world.  When they marry we’re able to capture their traditions.

On this map of Africa we’ve circled the many nations we’ve highlighted in a wedding video, but Africa is just the beginning.  Traditions from Europe, the Middle East, India, provinces of China and countries in Latin America have also been featured in our wedding videos.

What About Your Wedding?

One thing we’ve learned is that every wedding is unique.  Even when an All-American girl marries the boy-next-door in their suburban church down the street, two completely unique individuals are joining their lives.  We’ve videoed the weddings of three sisters in one family.  Though the sisters have similar physical characteristics and their guest lists included many of the same people, we saw three very unique weddings.

Whether you are from Paris TX or Paris, France our job is the same – to capture your unique wedding day, preserving your memories for all of your marriage.  We use a documentary style in our videos, because as time passes, you’ll be looking for different things, as will others.  The first time you view your video, you might be most interested in how your wedding dress looked or if the bridesmaids’ dresses matched the groomsmen’s boutonnieres.  Family members will be looking for themselves on the dance floor and listening to toasts.  In years to come, your children will hang onto every word of your vows and looks for signs of affection between their parents.  In later years, it may be a smile or a gesture, overlooked in previous years, that means the most.

Experience Matters

You’ll find that LeniCam uses the very best equipment available to capture your wedding, but the most important thing we bring with us is experience.  We know your day will be unique, but because we’ve videoed so many weddings, we know what to look for and how to capture it.

We know from experience which churches in town will not allow a videographer near the altar during the vows and we know what to do so we can get the shots.  We’re familiar with a wide variety of wedding traditions.  We know how to record and edit audio from an outdoor wedding so background sounds won’t overwhelm the words of the vows.  We know how to fix the shots of a bride who forgot to throw out her chewing gum.

Most brides imagine many situations contingencies that could effect their wedding video, but we promise this to all of our couples, no matter what happens on your wedding day – good or bad – you’re going to love your video.  Whatever your wedding tradition or creation, we hope you’ll put us to the test.

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