Cindy and Nop in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

Cindy and Nop at Buddhist Center of Dallas and Crescent Hotel in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

The Buddhist Center of Dallas is a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Metroplex.  Gardens, ponds, waterfalls, fountains and statuary create a peaceful haven for worship and meditation.  Visitors are greeted by a golden statue of Buddha set between a pair of large stone elephants.  On the day of Cindy and Nop’s ceremony the tusks of the elephants were draped in colorful floral offerings.

The beautiful bride wore a lovely long-sleeved lace cheongsam in a rich golden color.  Around her neck was an elaborate gold necklace with large stones, sometimes called a khau.  The groom chose a white Khmer jacket for the ceremony.  The couple enjoyed welcoming their guests to the serene garden.

Before entering the temple, everyone took off their shoes.  Even the bride removed the pretty high-heeled pumps which matched her dress.  Inside the temple, every surface was decorated with beautiful paintings and carvings of Buddhist traditions.  Cindy and Nop approached an altar and prayed for a blessing of their union.

Unlike Western traditions, Buddhist priests do not actually marry the couple.  Instead they bless the union which the couple has formed privately.  At Cindy and Nop’s ceremony there were nine monks chanting and praying for the union’s blessing. Cindy and Nop thanked the priests with large offerings of food in gorgeous metal bowls.  After the religious ritual there was a live performance of traditional music with authentic antique Cambodian instruments.

Later a reception to celebrate the union was held at the Crescent Hotel.  The radiant Cindy changed into a gorgeous white brocade gown with a scoop neckline, cap sleeves and a large decorative bow.  Nop changed into a handsome white military uniform.  The couple created an impressive image together.

The tall wedding cake on a silver cake stand had pink roses and white hydrangeas between the layers.  Surrounding tables were also decorated with elegant displays of roses and hydrangeas.  Other tables were graced by three tall crystal candle sticks with crystal beaded votives.  A live band entertained the party and a delicious plated dinner was served.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

With the hundreds and hundreds of weddings we’ve recorded we’ve learned language, custom and tradition are windows, not barriers. An exhaustive list of all the types of ceremonies we’ve captured would be a long list indeed.  Yet regardless of the ethnicity, race or religion, when we deliver the finished videos to our couples, the result is always the same – they love it.  That’s why Cindy and Nop chose us to capture their special day.

Cindy saw our huge library of videos and appreciated the way handled diverse circumstances.  She liked that we discussed her event with her to develop our plan for her day, rather than trying to squeeze her day into our template.  We loved the beauty and serenity of her ceremony’s venue and we always love filming a beautiful bride.

On the special day we arrived early to set-up our cameras and capture pre-ceremony events.  Throughout the day we were everywhere, recording everything, while doing our best to be invisible.  When the event was over, we took the audio and video recordings back to our studio and pored over them to edit and mix a unique video of their ceremony and celebration.

When Cindy hired us to videograph her wedding, she thought she’d be satisfied with the more economical DVD, but when she saw how good the DVD was she was so excited by it that she upgraded to BluRay.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To 

LeniCam Video Productions – Videography Wedding Dallas TX


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