Jim and Grace in Videography Wedding Dallas

Grace and Jim at Rose Chapel of Ft. Worth in Videography Wedding Dallas

Jim was Grace’s ballroom dance instructor and she was his best student.  Whirling around the dance floor they learned to dance well together and then they discovered their harmony extended beyond the dance floor.  Jim and Grace were married at the historic Rose Chapel in Ft. Worth.

Rose Chapel began its life in 1911 as the Central Methodist Church.  Many lovely weddings were held in those days.  Since then, the congregation moved on and the facility served other purposes, but today, they’re back to performing weddings in the chapel, like Jim and Grace’s.

Grace wore a form fitting, halter gown studded in crystal. It was complimented by crystal chandelier earrings, a stunning crystal necklace and fingerless gloves encrusted in crystals.  Her groom looked dapper in a morning suit, with tails and ascot.

Candles and bouquets adorned Rose Chapel.  Each pew was graced with a flowing decoration of white tulle and purple ribbons.  Jim grinned widely as his bride appeared. Joy could be seen in the couple’s smiles and heard in their humorous quips during their vows.  The lighting of a unity candle symbolized the lives they were joining together.

After the wedding, Jim and Grace’s friends gathered on the stairs of Rose Chapel to cheer them into their new life together, but it was all for the cameras.  The doors opened and the couple charged into sunlight for a bright beginning.  Then everyone turned around and went back inside for the reception.  Jim and Grace wanted a “going away” shot, but since they planned to dance late into the night, they wanted to get the shot before they shooed away the vendors with cameras.

The reception was held in the adjoining Grand Ballroom.  No train hampered the movement of this bride as she stepped into a special pair of dancing shoes and onto the floor for an elegant dance with her husband.  The dance had been specifically choreographed for this occasion. Tulle swags were added to her gloves, emphasizing the grace of their performance and the ethereal quality of the music.

The tiers of the white bride’s cake were decorated with deep burgundy orchids and the chocolate groom’s cake was topped with chocolate covered strawberries. The bride and groom shared bites of both cakes without a smear of icing or a single crumb going astray.  Jim and Grace changed into less formal clothes for the balance of the reception, because a live band was on hand to provide dance music.  The floor stayed full, because most of the guests were fellow dancers and the party continued into the night.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

LeniCam brought two kinds of experience to Jim and Grace’s wedding which helped us capture the details of the day.  We’ve been making wedding videos for more than a decade and we also record many recitals and dance events.

LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videography

We arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony to set up our cameras and capture Grace as she decked herself out with sparkling crystals and bright white.  We attached a lapel mic to Jim and hooked up to the audio feeds around the chapel so we wouldn’t miss a word of the entertaining vows.  After the ceremony we hurried over to the ballroom and recorded the sights and sounds of the couple’s lovely performance.  During the ceremony and the reception we tried to be everywhere, recording everything while remaining invisible to the guests and participants.

Then we went back to the studio, editing and mixing the sights and sounds we’d recorded, and in the coming weeks produced a video that will remind Jim and Grace of their special day in the years to come.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have to  

LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videography


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