Comparing Wedding Videographers by Price

Dallas Wedding VideographerIs Price the Best Way to Compare Wedding Vendors?

This weekend the Dallas Bridal Show will be held at Market Hall. One question we know we’re going to hear a lot of is “How much?”  It’s an important question, but the answer from Dallas Wedding Videographers can be misleading.

Which Piece of Paper Do You Want?

At a recent vendor seminar, Naomi Butler, President and CEO of Bridal Shows, Inc., demonstrated the problem of comparing wedding costs to comparing the price of paper.  She asked a roomful of attendees the price of a piece of paper.  Since Naomi had given us notepads, someone wise-cracker said “Free,” and waved their notepad in the air.  Another attendee was a stationer, so Naomi asked her what it would cost to get French hand-pressed scented paper overnight from Paris.  The answer? “I’m not sure, but boy would I love to get that order.”  Suddenly, everyone had an example of a type of paper and a guess as to what it’s price might be.

Naomi’s point was that the price of paper depends completely on the type of paper needed by the customer, just like the price of wedding videography or other wedding services depends on what the bride wants and what she can afford.

Weddings Are Not Cars

With many of the things we buy, price comparisons are easy.  One can of green beans is very much like another can of green beans.  Cars have features which allow them to be compared side-by-side.  However, when you start comparing services, like hair-stylists, maid services and auto shops, though there may be some similarities between providers, the answer is not so simple.  It’s easy to find the cheapest hair cut, but finding someone you can trust to cut it like you want is not as easy.  A bad haircut will only last six weeks, maybe twelve if it was really awful, but an ugly wedding cake is forever.

Let Price Be the Last Question

When talking to wedding vendors, there’s a whole lot more you need to find out before you should care how much they cost.  The vendors you choose will be a part of one of the most important days of your life.  In the months, weeks and days before your wedding you will talk to them many times.  Do they deserve to be a part of your event?

There are many questions you should ask a wedding videographer, like what type of cameras they use and why; whether their videos are cinematic or jounalistic; and how long the completed video will be; but there are even more important things you want to know.  Do they care about your wedding?  Can they embrace your vision?  Do they seem like they’d be easy to work with?

And That’s Why There Are Bridal Shows!

These more subjective questions are actually more important to wedding day satisfaction than price, yet most brides skip to the price right away, before finding out anything else.  For us and for most wedding services, the actual price depends more on the bride’s taste and budget than it does on our price list.  If someone is too willing to give you a price, how do you know what they are offering is in line with what you want?

At a bridal show you can visit with multiple vendors for multiple services in a matter of hours.  You can  share your wedding vision and test their sense of humor.  In fact, you don’t have to talk about price at all, until you’ve narrowed down the field to your favorites.  Then set appointments with them to discuss your specific expectations.

We hope you’ll come by our booth and ask us a lot of questions.  We’d love to hear about your plans, your concerns and your dreams.

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