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Dallas Wedding Videographer: 4 Reasons You Need A Professional Videographer

Wedding VideographerYou’ve been planning for months, maybe even years, for the most important day of your life – your wedding day –  and the last, big question you should asking yourself is, ‘Should I hire a professional Dallas wedding videographer?’

Here’s how hiring a professional Dallas wedding videographer makes the difference between a hide-it-in-the-back-of-the-bookshelf record of your wedding and a record you’ll cherish and want to look at time and time again:

1 – No More Guessing Games

When you ask an amateur to do you a favor and make a video record of your wedding day and they promise to do the job, how sure can you be that they’ll be there when the time comes?  Will they remember?  How often do you remind them?  Will they resent being told over and over to be there at a certain time on a certain day?  What if the relative or friend or friend-of-a-friend has a sick child or some other kind of emergency that day, will they be able to show up? You won’t have to ask those questions about a professional videographer. Here at LeniCam we put your special day first.

2 – No More Missed Shots

A professional Dallas wedding videographer has experienced many, many weddings and will know exactly where to be to record everything important that happens.  While your wedding is going to be unique for you, a professional videographer has likely seen some variation of anything you might plan for your wedding and he’ll know best how to capture it on camera.  You might even be surprised when you watch your wedding video how much your videographer has captured.  An amateur with one camera, dashing from one place to another, is going to miss so many of those surprising moments.

3 – No More Shaky Cam

You know the home movies you can’t stand to watch – the ones where everything is so jumpy and shaky you get motion-sickness looking at them?  Jumpy and shaky might be fine for recording a road trip to the beach; but simply inadequate for recording your wedding day.  Professional videographers have all of the right equipment including dollies, tripods and image stabilizers that keep images from jiggling across your screen.  Our professionals also have the equipment to shoot from multiple camera angles, to capture audio on high-quality sound equipment and to edit footage of the event to create a polished end product.  They can do everything they need to do without disrupting the ceremony or becoming the center of attention.

4 – No More Resentful Wedding Guests

When you ask a friend or relative to shoot video of your wedding, they won’t be able to enjoy the wedding.  And, depending on how patient and forgiving they are, that means your free videographer could end up petering out somewhere between the bouquet toss and the conga line.  Hiring a professional means everyone you invite to your wedding will be there to relax and enjoy the day without having to work.

If your North Texas wedding is going to be special, memorable and fun and you’ve already rented the perfect romantic venue, why don’t you hesitate to hire a professional when it comes to documenting your most important day.

To get the perfect record of your big day, call the best Dallas wedding videographer, LeniCam Productions, at (972) 378-0446 or visit us online at www.lenicamvideoproductions.com.

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