Cooking Videos by Dallas Video Production Company

Dallas Production Company Creates Media for a Gambian-Inspired Cookbook

West African Prospective by Margaret Ellis

Dallas Video Production

Cookbook Author: Margaret (Badjan) Ellis

Looking for something delicious to try for dinner?  Then you might just want to try out this new cookbook.

Margaret Ellis knew she was onto something.  Those delicious meals recipes her mother had been preparing for over forty years back in The Gambia, West Africa?  Margaret knew other people would be interested in them, too.  Many West Africans have come to the United States and lost touch with their cultural food heritage.  Helping these people reconnect with their culinary roots was a part of her inspiration, but she knew the tasty dishes would be appreciated by anyone.

But her vision was bigger than a collection of recipes squeezed between the covers of a book.  Her vision included step-by-step photographs and videos.  She knew people might want to see the results of her recipes before they cooked them and the popularity of cooking shows told her they also wanted to watch the recipes being made.  So she called LeniCam, a Dallas Video Production Company.

The production of the first photographs and video from LeniCam were a case of trial and error. Margaret had the vision and LeniCam had the technology.  Margaret wanted high quality media, but she also needed to keep a cap on expenses.  She was able to lean heavily on LeniCam’s John Lenihan and Michelle Pourciau.  John Lenihan is the founder of the company, our producer and one of our videographers.  Videoing a cooking show is nothing new to him.  He’s worked for Rachel Ray.  Michelle is a photographer and a videographer.  She’s also our associate producer.  Together with Margaret, they labored to create something spectacular.

When LeniCam was through with production and delivered the first video, Margaret was thrilled.  She couldn’t wait to get started on the rest of the series.  Margaret’s book is out in soft cover and hardback.  The ebook and videos have not yet been released.  You’ll want to get her cookbook and try out her recipes.



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